5 Ways to Use Instagram Direct in E-Commerce

5 Ways to Use Instagram Direct in E-Commerce

Instagram is one of the most developed social networks in recent years. And most of all, the reason for the text prevailed over the text, even though there are now publications that play with emojis and expert text. But, no doubt, the biggest success is in the functions they introduce, such as Instagram Direct.

Ok, now If you have eCommerce and you don’t know what Instagram Direct can do for you, then this is of interest to you because we are not only going to tell you what Instagram Direct is, but we are going to tell you There are several ways to use it. You sure haven’t thought about it.

What is Instagram Direct?

Instagram Direct is a messaging service that is included in the Instagram application. Plus, by combining WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook messaging, you’ve made everything more centralized.

It allows you to send texts as well as videos and photos. And what is it for? Not only to communicate with your followers but also to send them notifications or follow everyone on your Instagram without seeing your profile on Instagram (or appearing when browsing your Instagram). To know about the news.

How to make one in a few minutes

You only need two minutes to use Instagram Direct and, sometimes, not at all. It’s like sending a message to someone we talk about most of the day.

The steps to unify are as follows.

  1. Take a picture or record a video. You can add some filters, special effects, or whatever.
  2. Now, press “Direct,” which will appear on the screen.
  3. Mark or write the names of the followers you want to send a photo or video to. You can even group as many as you want and send them one by one to everyone easier and faster.
  4. Hit send

And that’s it. Although you do not need to do anything else, we recommend that you take good photos or videos because the essence of quality is here, and with that, you will get more followers.

How to use Instagram Direct in any e-commerce

How to use Instagram Direct in any e-commerce

Now that you know what Instagram Direct is, it’s time to make it clear that this social network function can benefit you as an e-commerce user. And, believe it or not, there are many ways to use it to your advantage. Don’t you believe it? Well, let’s see what we can offer you.

Use Instagram Direct to promote a new product.

Is there a new product in your e-commerce? Great! The problem is that it may not have the visibility you expect. If this happens to you, tell followers that you are new to using Instagram Direct.

You can too. Help them see it up close, especially if it’s something they’re interested in or solve a problem. Sometimes telling a private product about a new product, especially before you launch, will make them feel more important because they have “insider” information and the benefits of just being a follower of your eCommerce. L. Are

Start the competition

How to use Instagram Direct in any e-commerce

What do you think of the special competition for your followers? Sometimes prioritizing your followers increase customer loyalty. Of course, open, try to combine more than one special one, because otherwise, you will not find new potential customers for your business.

One of the most common competitions for e-commerce is when users take a photo of themselves using a product that you sell and send to a group. That way, everyone who does so enters the draw to win the prize, and you may have images that force others to see how people use your product. However, make sure the competition rules allow you to use these images to promote your e-commerce or the products that appear in it. This way, you avoid legal troubles.

Special sales or special promotions

For example, imagine that Black Friday has arrived and you think that, a week ago, you wanted to reduce a product or a selection of them to encourage sales. But if you privately announce it to your followers 1-2 days in advance, you are giving them preference (and the opportunity to buy without fearing that the stock will run out). It helps people who follow you who value your business.

You can too Distribute promotional codes to take advantage of discounts. Or start a program for just a few hours or a few days to encourage others to become followers and start reaping the benefits.

Enable a question and answer chat

Another way to bring your e-commerce “status” closer to the followers of this social network. That way, you can find the answers to the most common questions. But you also offer the opportunity to contact them personally or in a group to allay their suspicions.

In other words, you offer a more personal and private service, which will make your business “on your behalf” humane.

Start a benefits program.

How to use Instagram Direct in any e-commerce

Have you ever considered the truth that an Instagram user follows you? What if you do thousands? Or millions. Your e-commerce will benefit from this because it means you will stand out. But, it does not mean that you offer your choice and want millions of people, but it is also important that you take care of these customers because even if you do not think. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

And how can you do that? With the benefits program via Instagram Direct. Only people who follow you and write for you can benefit from discounts, codes, gifts, and other exceptions.

It only wants people to belong to this particular group, and it can help you in your sales.

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