According to eDreams, the keys to the online business of the tourism sector.

In 2015 within the framework of the E-show in Barcelona , Shell E dyrymz by Digital Travel Summit. The main focus of the conference was the new models of social networks, mobile phones, and distribution, which show how the tourism sector continues to be its e-commerce engine in Spain.

The conference brought together officials from Facebook, Booking, Airbnb, Let’sBones, Hello and Social Car, and Agencia Catalana de Tours. The data came from Pablo de Porsols, director of business development at eDreams, who highlighted that “more than 40% of the European travel sector comes from the online environment and is expected to increase this percentage by 50% during 2015.” will be done.”

Purcells, talking about the mobile technology penetration business, explained that for the EU for Adrium, mobility had been a key project in recent years, and that is why we have invested millions of euros in the latest technologies. Investments that allow us to continue to be at the forefront of innovation. Thanks to this condition, sales of mobile devices have increased by more than 120% in the last year.

To find out more about the keys to success, Digital Travel Summit through e-commerce, eDreams of tourism companies has organized three roundtables to analyze three key areas of the sector: social networks and new content strategy, mobility, and mobility models tourism distribution.

Some important ideas about e-commerce and tourism

The importance of social networks in the field of tourism

 The social network has gained a significant following for the tourism sector in recent years and is the key to any e-commerce campaign. Therefore, social networks are really important for eDream. Because of this, the company has a clear strategy and an international team dedicated to it.

“The steps we take in social media affect different target areas that respond to different goals, including creating visibility, generating brand equity or brand value, increasing web traffic or consumer insights. In addition, they are an additional channel of communication and support for our clients at all times, pointing out Porcioles.

The importance of mobility in the tourism sector

El Mobile has revolutionized e-commerce worldwide. Regarding the tourism sector, its use had increased from 7% in 2010 to 32% in 2013.

In this sense, Porsols comments: For D-Dreams, mobility has been a key project in recent years, and that’s why we’ve invested millions of euros in cutting-edge technologies that enable us, not just in the field. Rather, it allows technological innovation to continue at the forefront. In e-commerce but also in e-commerce and in this way, we improve the service we offer to our 15 million customers. Thanks to the movement of eDreams, sales of mobile devices have increased by more than 120% in the last year, and this number continues to grow.

As a result, it should be noted that the advent of mobile phones has forced companies to present information differently, simply because of the small screen size. Regarding the trends and the future that await us, all participants agree that the final answer will be with the user.

The importance of new distribution models and significant cooperation consumption

 We are still participating in new distribution models in the travel industry, in which the Internet and collaborative consumption weigh heavily.

According to Purcells, since the onset of the crisis, sharing resources has become a common denominator. The economy, which consumes collaboratively, has developed new tourist distribution models that meet consumer demand. For those who want to travel, the exchange is equivalent to sharing or sharing.  The eDreams executive also said that “these formulas have broken down with traditional models, but innovation is also needed in the tourism sector, it is also booming, and there is scope for new formulas.” He added that all of them should also keep in mind that the economy of such cooperation has become a new trend for more personal travel.

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