Advantages and disadvantages of mobile advertising in e-commerce

Mobile advertising is a campaign aimed primarily at launching advertising content actions or programs and allowing users to engage more with the target audience. One of the features of this advertising model is that it is a significantly interactive format developed through any technical device (laptop, mobile phone, tablets, or other technical devices).

This application is very interesting for digital sector companies to interact with their customers, suppliers, or other social agents, to the extent that it can be a powerful tool to attract more customers or simply to sell their products, services, or goods. From this general point of view, this is a good opportunity to confirm the advantages and disadvantages of mobile advertising in e-commerce or e-commerce. 

The benefits of mobile advertising in e-commerce can be very effective if they are channeled through a well-defined commercial strategy where the users’ needs are taken into account and the social media where the messages will come. While according to various studies on digital marketing, it will be important to understand that most users access a website from multiple devices and use multiple screens sequentially.

Mobile advertising classes

Before highlighting its advantages and disadvantages, you should try to promote your professional activity through the Internet. It is important to know the types of your mobile ads.

Display: These are formats that you can add to the website on your mobile or other technical devices. With the numerous suggestions you currently have, including the following list:

  • Banners
  • Videos
  • Text links

Not forgetting that other formats of mobile browsing are emerging from mobiles in recent years, and this requires further technological advancement.

  • Mobile messaging: SMS and MMS. Sure, it’s a type of ad that is much older now, but it serves a purpose in so-called mobile messaging.
  • Bluetooth: This is not a technically advanced advertising model, but it works through an ad server with these features.
  • Advertising Games: This is a state-of-the-art system for launching advertising messages supported by video games and, therefore, will not affect your business on the Internet.

The Benefits of Mobile Advertising in E-Commerce

Not everything in such an ad is black and white. But first, we are going to analyze the benefits that this will bring to your store or virtual business. You will see that there is more to it than you initially thought. So from now on, you are in a position to take advantage of this trend in your digital business development. Knowing that you have to differentiate between what mobile advertising is and what it is not because will be one of the keys to developing a rational and balanced work strategy.

Humility: This advertising strategy allows you to engage more in the target audience. This is because technical terminals with these features give you instant access to other people or companies. More than traditional or non-traditional channels.

Social Interaction: You can’t communicate with another part of the process through this system. With your clients, you can also forward their contacts or share them on social networks. If the ad is linked to social networks, the effects can be easily replicated if you develop a strategy to achieve the default goal.

Return on investment: It is not necessary to evaluate the commercial component of this advertising system. But also economically and in that sense, it can be more profitable than the impact and other stable advertising media. In this way, both commercial brands and advertisers benefit themselves. And since you own the digital domain.

Other mobile advertising partnerships

However, there are other benefits to using such ads and that you should not forget when you encounter your advertising campaign. One of the most relevant is that you can adjust as many scenarios as possible, though it may be more attractive for less stable ads and even your customers or users. In addition, in recent years, there has been a trend to adopt all technical devices. According to several marketing studies, they have pointed out that this is a top habit from various user profiles worldwide.

Another related contribution is directly related to self-purchase. Whereas, online shopping through these devices has increased by more than 40% in the last twelve months, and this is a trend has been increasing in the last quarter of 2018. To show that e-businesses want to be competitive, they need to align their business line with mobile usability.

Another favorable point to choose this advertising model is that it is a resource that plays in favor of small and medium enterprises in this field because when they are going to make their decisions, they have the right time. But can reach your recipients. Therefore, it is a more timely advertisement and closer to the user, affecting the increase in online shopping. As the following assessments we expose below:

  • This is an ad more sensitive to visit.
  • Numerous studies more than prove su functionality.
  • Se they suit the tastes and needs of new user profiles.
  • Allows Achieve goals in a very short time

Disadvantages of mobile advertising in e-commerce

On the contrary, such advertising brings a series of disadvantages that you need to assess from this moment to define your marketing strategy in digital commerce or in-store. From this general context, the biggest disadvantage is that you have to differentiate the discipline in your professional business. So make some design tweaks to your property’s website as far as you’re concerned.

But as you have clear impressions of how this advertising model can harm you, we will list the other negative elements of mobile betting in electronic commerce.

  • The competition is fierce, and you will need a lot of competitive content to get the audience interested in the end.
  • The distrust is in the good part of consumers who want to see products or articles before buying online.
  • The resistance or complexity of some products or articles being sold through some channels in their marketing.
  • An operation may become more expensive if all the costs are included in its management and from the consignment.
  • This is a management model in which we have to accept prior access to your geographical location.
  • More information is required for its proper implementation. This is because sometimes, there are more profitable systems for one or the other operating system. Because of course Android, those that come with Android, iOS, Blackberry, or Windows Phone 8 are not the same.

Total adaptation costs are matter brakes in mobile advertising. The simple fact can address this that any campaign requires mobile adaptation. And as a result of this action, we will have to face a division in our digital commerce.

In some cases, do not forget that this may limit the user’s attention. This fact may affect the low profitability of the online store’s website to generate revenue in this category of media.

As you may have noticed, e-commerce is a series of light and shadow in the application of mobile advertising. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. The answer will not always be the same, and everything depends on your business, goals, and strategies to promote it from now on.

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