Ali Express, are you reliable?

It is possible that, when looking for a product, you will come to the ALI Express more than once. This is a popular shopping website along with Amazon. However, there are still many people who are reluctant to buy from it. Are you wondering if the ALI Express is reliable?

If you’ve never made a purchase before or have had a bad experience and consider that it’s not worth it, we’d like to comment with you about the good and bad work of ALI Express, so you know Be able to trust it or not and above all. , So that if you launch, you always work with a guarantee for the purchase. Shall we start?

What is ALI Express?

ALI Express was founded in 2010 by its founder, Jack Ma, as an online sales platform. The goal was for small companies in China and elsewhere to stay on the Internet and offer their products to domestic and international buyers. Headquartered in Hangzhou, China, it belongs to the Alibaba Group.

In October 2019, ALI Express announced that it had 1 billion product sales on its online platform, far more than likely to have increased significantly over the years.

Also, if you don’t know, there is currently a physical point of sale for the ALI Express in Spain. This is the first case not only in Spain but also in Europe. It is located in Madrid, especially in the shopping resort, AntZanda Shopping Center. So if you live in Madrid and can see the products you sell, you can go there or buy other products from their online store.

Ali Express, are you reliable?

After all, we’ve told you about Ali Express, and there’s no doubt that it’s reliable. But there are always subtleties that you need to keep in mind. And what is more, the ALI Express is not a store in itself, but a place where many sellers are involved. This is similar to when you buy from an external Amazon seller. Only then, they (or almost all of them) are like that.

This means that you can find excellent and reliable sellers, or you can meet others who do not send you the product. Or they may bargain with you and then ask you to cancel because they have made a mistake.

In general, we can tell you that ALI Express is reliable. Moreover, its strengths, such as the price of the product, are very affordable and varied in most of them. But the downside, such as the wait, which is sometimes quite long, or the lack of guarantees in technical products (especially if you have to ship to China or another country).

You also have an Ali Express guarantee. And that is, they do not issue payment to the seller until you notice that you have received the product on ALI Express, and if there is a problem, they will generally accept responsibility for the problem. And then set up an account with the seller, but once they do everything for you.

So yes, shopping on Ali Express is safe. But to do the right thing, you have to make a small “selection” and make sure that what you buy is not of poor quality, nor is it wrong, nor is it. Is it wrong? Do you want to know how?

Shop Safely on Ali Express

If we’ve already told you that the ALI Express is reliable, we now need to warn you that you can’t go light when buying. Very little if it is something of great value.

As “buyers” on Aliexpress, the tricks that have worked for us to avoid hassles, and if we have solved them to the maximum for ourselves, we have the following:

Don’t stick with the first engine that appears in the search engine.

When you are looking for a product on ALI Express, if it’s a fashion item and people demand it, you’ll find dozens of sellers with these products (and beware, many sellers alike Yes, only they have different stores). That means there are a lot of prices.

Our recommendation is to put the search engine list of the cheapest to the most expensive products (without shipping). Next, select some sellers you can consider at affordable prices.

Check feedback

Once you’ve selected the sellers, it’s time to analyze them. They don’t have a physical store, but a virtual one, so you should rule on their opinion. Guide the stars in that direction. One with two stars is not equal to 5 with the other. Nor do we tell you that you always choose one with five, but one close to that figure and sells well enough (whenever possible).

When making a payment, bet on PayPal.

If you have PayPal, and you can pay with it, that’s fine. We recommend this because it is an additional guarantee. Not only do you have Ali Express Trust, but you also have PayPal between you, and if you haven’t received payment in two months (or earlier), you can claim both PayPal and Ali Express.

That way, on the one hand or the other, they will solve your problem, and you will get your money back in most cases (obviously, you have to justify why you got your money back). Have to do and show whether the product is yours or not, or it was not what you wanted).

Sometimes it tests luck.

We can’t help reminding you. ALI Express is reliable, yes, but sometimes you have to take a risk to buy any goods. The danger is that you don’t know the quality of your purchase, at least not until it reaches you. And you’re buying something that can take a month or more to arrive, and you want it to scare you a little bit when you have that much money.

But that’s why it’s guaranteed there is, and it will ensure that applied before the deadline (or if Ali Express or if you use it) if something you use it Should not be

Now you have to place your first order and if you haven’t already tried it. 

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