Amazon stakes on B2B commerce and launches Amazon business

 Amazon Business is the US e-commerce giant’s prerequisite for B2B business. With this new initiative, Jeff Bezos intends to compete with his strong rival Alibaba, leading the B2B market. Okne said that Amazon developed Amazon Supply in 2012 to face this market. However, the new initiative introduces differences and novelty.

Among the outstanding features, Amazon offers two days of free shipping, multi-account, different payment methods, or assistance in the purchase process.

“B2B users who like the convenience of online shopping, and want an experience in this market that is similar when buying a home.” Prentice Wilson, vice president of Amazon Business, said: “Amazon Business presents a new and expanded marketplace that provides business users, manufacturers, and sellers with additional choices, features, and back-end integration business. Brings. ” 

Features of Amazon Business

Here are key features of Amazon Business:

  1. Interface according to the experience of the business environment, which leads to shopping
  2. “Business” accounts, which can handle different users.
  3. Forty-eight hours of free shipping starts at Free 49.
  4. Multi-seller marketplace, meaning you can see multiple offers on the same product page for easy price comparison and store sellers who meet the performance and service requirements that companies expect.
  5. Exclusive products, prices, and discounts for Amazon Business.
  6. Guarantee and security seal at the time of purchase.
  7. Tax-exempt program for tax-free purchases.

“We’re constantly listening to customer feedback so we can innovate, provide more value, and set a new standard for B2B e-commerce with Amazon Business. We believe this is a business-friendly experience.” This will be an excellent opportunity for registered business customers to manufacturers and sellers who have started this new market. Our product support, determine payments, shipping, and prices will create a framework in such areas. the prynts Wilson Said

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