Companies that use social networks

Companies that use social networks

Since the rise of social networks, many individuals have tried to exploit them to gain a larger audience. They all want their network to grow because there is a lot of interaction with consumers and sales of their products. But unfortunately, not all of them can succeed. However, some companies make good use of social media.

There are even companies that have succeeded because of them. So today, we are going to tell you practically about the cases of companies that use social networks to connect with their audience and are also successful. Want to know how to do it for your e-commerce?

Why bet on social networks in your e-commerce?
Why bet on social networks in your e-commerce?

When you start an online business, the usual thing is that you want to be on all the sites on the web. On your website, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram, on Pinterest; and yes, that’s fine, but you’re wrong. And a very serious one. Use the same message for all social networks.

Let’s take an example. You have someone who follows you on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. And you post the same message on all three networks. All equal So that person may think that it is foolish of you to lag behind these three because you have bombarded him with the same message. What are you doing? Stop following me.

Now another case. You have these three networks, but each has a different message in text and image. Don’t you think that those who follow you will want to know what you have done elsewhere? Because it will be different, you can put the competition in the other general publication, in the other a joke.

This is a common mistake, like opening a blog and copying other people’s articles for your page. In addition to Google punishing you, you are stealing work, which is not good for your brand.

But focusing on social media is important because that’s where your audience is. Most people are more accessible through social networks because you open communication channels with them. Now, the important thing is that you connect. And for example companies, examples of companies that use social networks effectively can guide you. Do we see them?

Companies that use social networks are successful.

Thinking about companies that use social networks can be a world. Practically all companies use them today. But stand by them, and the fact that they know you through these social networks is not so much. Here are some examples.

Ford, one of the companies that use social networks to connect

Ford is one of the first examples we can give to companies that use social media the right way. And that was what they called “Ford Social.” This is a special channel where people can develop ideas for them to keep in mind and develop sustainable projects.

It’s a way to get your customers involved in something they can do.


This company with a foreign name is Spanish. It is a brand of glasses created by Alicante that has revolutionized the world of e-commerce. And they have done this through social networks. What’s more, he invested heavily in Facebook advertising to advertise and reach out to prospective customers. In addition, he enlisted the help of celebrities who posed for photos with their glasses and allowed many people to imitate their celebrities by buying the same product.

By offering consumers cheaper products, their sales have increased. And their interaction through social networks is also permanent.

Kenny Home
Companies that use social networks are successful

Who says companies can’t succeed through social media? In that sense, it is possible Kenny Home won on Instagram. He showed impressive quality and very attractive pictures, which made consumers demand furniture and decorations. And of course, they didn’t answer those questions, which made consumers feel like they were shopping at a physical store, always present.


Any Coca-Cola post has thousands of likes and conversations. And they do so because they exploit emotions and feelings with the photos and videos they publish.

His writings are not as impressive as these two resources, and that is why people follow them. Remember that many Coca-Cola commercials on television have been heavily influenced, and you have some ideas that you still remember (like Coca-Cola is for everyone, heights, lows).


And, of course, he started as someone, even if he was involved in all the social networks. But the first year was not good. The Orange company thought it could sell its products on the Internet. However, they realized that they had more interaction on Twitter and that their posts worked better than other networks, so they bet on it. They discovered that their target audience was different from other networks. There are more on Twitter than that. In addition, they provided valuable content and interacted with followers.

What did that mean? They started to be successful, and now the sales of oranges through the networks are much better than this first year.

QWERTY, one of the companies that use the network to communicate

Companies that use social networks are successful

This t-shirt company is not well known in Spain, or maybe the reason is that these t-shirts (at 4-5 and 6 euros) offer many bargains. You won’t see them on T-shirts here. The good news is that their designs are very original. And they are of very good quality.

They use social media to bring these designs closer and to interact with the rest of the world. And because they ship everywhere, in addition to being very affordable, they are also a global success.

Goiko Girl

In this case, the company used Facebook to attract customers. And that’s what they offer discount codes on social networks, in such a way that they reward those who follow them. In this way, it increased and gained interaction with its customers, as if you were starting a conversation, thanks to the fact that they are very familiar.


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