Amazon Private Label


Duration: 8 weeks
Lectures: 8
Level: Advanced

Amazon Private Label

The main objective of this course is to learn how to create your own brand on Amazon. How to create Amazon Account. How to register your brand on Amazon, how to hunt source and launch your products. How to check patents. Register trademark, Promotional techniques. How to use different tools. How to find suppliers using tools.

What you learn in this course

Why Amazon
Amazon Business Trends
Business Potential
The decision of the marketplace
Which Information needed to create an account (Professional, Individual)
Account Setup

Product Hunting
Criteria of hunting
Helium 10, JS
How to choose the best product
Marketplace Analysis

Category Approval, Patent checking, Trademark issues
How to check patent
How to check trademark
How to get approved the selling category

Product Sourcing
Find the source, manufacturer
Find supplier
How to check the Competitor Source

Supplier Verification
How old the supplier is?
How to check and verify the supplier details in the marketplace

Sampling Ordering and Inventory Management
Inventory restocking and planning
Order the sample
Verify the sample

Cost (Profit Calculation)
FBA Calculator
Negotiate with supplier
Automate Pricing

Keyword Hunting and analysis
Hunt the Keywords using tools
Helium 10, JS
Keyword hunting criteria
Search volume analysis
Competing Products analysis

Competitor Analysis
Find competitors keywords
Sort the competitor keywords

UPC Purchasing

Listing Creation and optimization
How to create
Bullet points
How to use keywords in the listing

Shipment Creation
Create labels

Product launching on Amazon
PPC Campaigns
Budget selection
Keywords planning
Reviews and Ratings
Many Chat
Facebook Ads
Rebate Key

Social media, Website
Social Media Accounts

How to handle Account
Manage Seller Central Account
Handle reports
Where to download reports
How to handle cases and manage amazon customer related queries
Handle Amazon customer support issues

How to Register Brand
Amazon Brand Registry

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Best Amazon Private Label Course for Business Growth

Do YOU want to get known beyond Pakistan for your business?

Are YOU buckle up to steer your business on international exposure?

YOU come up at the right place. We prepare you to meet your next online business initiative. When it comes to an online business, the definition sounds incomplete without Amazon. With eRevolute we teach how YOU can enhance your growth rate by taking the Best Amazon Private Label Course in Pakistan.

eRevolute is one of the earliest course offering institutes in Pakistan. For the past couple of years, we have been nourishing many businesses in Pakistan with Amazon exposure. They have reserved a worthier position on Amazon FBA Private Labeling Businesses. Even the potential in this field is greatly incessant. Online business analysts predict that by 2030, the online business potential will increase by 60%. In such an Odysseus rhythm, the demand for the course of the Amazon Private Label is getting enthusiastic.

Private Labeling Course Headlines

The Private Labeling course covers an extensive range of Amazon’s Private Labeling Business model. This course prepares YOU to launch your business on the platform of Amazon. Our mastered instructors groom your understanding of the business strategy with real examples and case studies of the business. No matter YOU are new to any products-related business, you can take up this course to bring your business on the tides of virtual dealings.

Our experienced teachers will enable YOU to meet the challenges and cash the opportunities to have a maximum ROI (Return on Investment). YOU will be no longer under the restriction of any geographical limits. Because Amazon FBA Product Labeling will pave the ways for your business to reach global destinations. After taking the course YOU will be capable to reach your potential community. The course also encircles a wide range of the instincts of the online business. This will also make it viable to meet the standards of Amazon to sell your products. Let alone the business growth, the happiness has no substitute that YOU feel on being known around the world. Only a resilient focus on the course can make YOU an aficionado of your business arena.

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Things to Learn in Amazon FBA Private Label Course

Amazon has a vast marketplace that invites international manufacturers, and entrepreneurs to sell their products globally. Amazon also lets you use your brand name distinctively without any unnecessary checks. The Private Label Course For Amazon is proudly offered by the eRevolute expert instructors. YOU will learn the following major characteristics of business to run it through the forums of the Amazon FBA Private Label community.

  • Market Research Analysis
  • Discovering New Potential Products
  • Latent Opportunities on Amazon
  • Scrutinizing the Competitors
  • Meeting New Manufacturers for mutual Collaboration  
  • Arranging Stock and Inventory
  • Designs and Shapes of Label and Packaging
  • Getting Started With Amazon (Account Creating Procedure)
  • Relevant and Most Productive Keyword Research
  • Prioritizing Your Winning Listings
  • Final Launch of your Products
  • The secrets to Sell a big count of units daily.

The above-mentioned key features are the essentials required for an online affiliation course. We have a great team of experts who have sound knowledge and practical exposure to the Amazon private labeling business initiatives. YOU will find this course a miracle to your business. In our record of success stories, our trained pass-outs have made unbelievable progress with their business through the forum of Amazon.

eRevoulte Amazon Courses

Our Course Instructors

eRevolute possesses a competent team of instructors that have sharpened their skills to outdo other Amazon private labeling course instructors for businesses. In Pakistan, eRevolute is here to offer YOU with best of our course outcomes. The majority of the instructors with us are foreign qualified. They hold a gravel experience along with sturdier exposure to the Amazon business models. We are here to team up to offer YOU a course-led career in the Amazon business opportunities. In other words, the world has no limitations for doing business. YOU can bring about a revolution in your area. In fact, this course is nothing to do with an ordinary instructor. Only those teachers outperform herewith who have been analyzing the trends of the businesses on Amazon for years. Thankfully, eRevolute is one of those few institutes in Pakistan that are offering an extensive array of online courses for Amazon, besides other online business practices.

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Who Should Join This Course?

Although this course is all to go for future entrepreneurs, the current manufacturers are first likely to get more successful in the private labeling business venture with Amazon. YOU can carry on your physical business along with your journey with an online collaboration with Amazon. With eRevolute, this course is an encouragement for those who have got fed up with their tiring job, and want to start their own business. The Amazon-oriented course for private labeling also has a great opportunity for the digital nomads to work from a remote location. The course can also be exciting for the existing FBA Wholesale product account holders who want to upgrade their seller level on Amazon.

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Amazon Private Label Course Online Classes in Pakistan

  • Amazon FBA Course Institute in Lahore
  • FBA Product Labeling Course Institute in Islamabad
  • Business Brand Labeling Course Institute in Karachi
  • The Amazon FBA Course Institute in Faisalabad
  • Amazon FBA Course Institute in Hyderabad
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