Amazon Wholesale FBA


Duration: 8 weeks
Lectures: 8
Level: Advanced

Amazon Wholesale FBA

The main objective of this course is to learn how to sell other brands on Amazon. YOU can learn how to find the distributors and how to get reseller certificates and authority letters. How to hunt the Wholesale Products according to different pricing techniques. How to use different tools.

What YOU learn in this course

Introduction About Amazon
Why Amazon
Amazon Business Trends
Business Potential
The decision of the marketplace
Which Information needed to create an account (Professional, Individual)
Account Setup

Product Hunting
Find branded listing with good BSR
Using different tools

How to search dead listings using tools
Keepa, Helium10, JS

Introduction about rankings and ratings
Importance in FBA WS

Website and social media presence
How to create an FB page
Instagram and Linked Page
Create FB Ads

Suppliers Distributors Hunting
How to hunt
Where we find supplier data
How to create accounts
How to apply for invoices and authority letters
How to get a credit account

Brand Approval
Get approved the brand on Amazon
Handle Amazon customer support

Category Approval
Get category approved on Amazon
How to upload invoices

How to create and attach with the branded listing?
Me Too with the listing

Shipment Creation
Create Labels

Ordering and Inventory Management
Inventory Planning

Ordering and Inventory Management
Inventory Planning

Cost (Profit Calculation)
FBA Calculator
Negotiate with supplier
Automate Pricing

PPC Campaigns
Budget selection
Keyword’s planning

How to handle Account
Manage Seller Central Account
Handle reports
Where to download reports
How to handle cases and manage Amazon customer related queries
Handle Amazon customer support issues

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  • English
  • YOU do NOT need any prior business knowledge or Amazon experience
  • YOU do NOT need to be good with computers
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How Amazon Wholesale FBA Course Leads to New Horizons

Pakistan is one of those countries that have a huge potential in e-Commerce. Especially, e-Commerce giant firms such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, and Daraz have noticed a scrupulous potential in Pakistan in terms of doing e-business. Above all, the Amazon Wholesale FBA Course in Pakistan paves the way for inspired entrepreneurs. YOU might have seen a great number of investors are indulging in Amazon FBA nowadays. The reason that makes a great difference with the e-com courses is the ease for both vendors and customers. Such businesses outdo traditional businesses. In context with leading to move ahead, Amazon FBA is still at the top of the list. The wide versatility of business streams is one of the major factors that make Amazon the best for FBA. This also implores the buyers to buy from Amazon’s Certified Vendors due to the reliability of this giant platform.

Importance of Amazon Wholesale Course in Pakistan?

When it comes to Amazon Wholesale course pertained things, most Pakistanis consider it unviable due to no warehouse of Amazon in Pakistan. But it is not so, even though Amazon does not cover Pakistan for its official presence, nevertheless, YOU can still go ahead with the FBA Wholesale Course. Many Pakistani entrepreneurs have changed their lives by dint of the Amazon platform. Although there were curtailing stampedes while moving towards the best courses for Amazon Affiliated Marketing in Pakistan, somehow there is a great response from Amazon to let Pakistanis get into the realms.

So some Pakistani made it through to reach the best business edges with Amazon. This idea became to be the inspiration for many other entrepreneurs. Pakistani businessmen have earned a name of trust and reliability around the world by using the platform Amazon. So this is how the Wholesale FBA Course for Amazon in Pakistan began to get popular around.

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How Amazon Wholesale Online Business Model Works

Every entrepreneur might have come across the FBA ever. The terminology FBA stands for the ‘Fulfilment by Amazon’. Out of its name, the abbreviation throws an extensive light on the versatility of this business model. It dedicatedly goes with Amazon because of its exclusiveness with the business platform (Amazon). The best FBA Wholesale Business Model of Amazon is a great way to start a business without any requirement of being physically there. YOU can sell materialistic products through an online forum using the platform Amazon. YOU don’t have to buy any shop or rent out a warehouse for the FBA involvement. Therefore, businesses in Pakistan are getting easy access to international buyers thanks to the FBA Wholesale for Pakistani vendors.

What Amazon Benefits YOU For FBA Wholesale?

Amazon allows international sellers to sell their products under the banner of FBA.  It means that if a Pakistani entrepreneur wants to sell out his inventories or products to global buyers, he wouldn’t have to put private labels and listings. Instead, Amazon will adopt your wholesale stock. Following, after ascertaining the quality and durability of your products, YOU are allowed to sell them through the benefits of the Amazon FBA Wholesale business module.

Get Amazon Wholesale FBA Course Time Duration?

The course duration of the Amazon Wholesale FBA Course in Pakistan is about 8 weeks that include an eight lectures consecutive plan. There is no restriction of age, education, and experience to get enrolled in the Course. If YOU can read and understand English, YOU are welcome to join on-board for FBA Wholesale Course. Even if YOU suck at English with poor grammar skills, YOU are still welcome to take a prerequisite to learn English. Around the branches in Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Karachi and  YOU can have the Amazon course for setting out to earn a 6-7 figure profit.

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Can You Apply for the Course Certification

Yes, If YOU are………!

  • Entrepreneurs
  • A candidate who want to earn 6-7 figures online
  • A candidate who wants to become financially free
  • Students who want to earn an extra source of income
  • Students who want to learn how to make money online
  • Employer Level Course to increase Your Amazon ROI
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