Graphic Design


Duration: 8 weeks
Lectures: 8
Level: Advanced

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Graphic Design Course in Pakistan 

Business is primarily dependent on population. The more the population, the more prosperous the business will grow. To get your business differentiated from others, YOU need to make your own business identity. Brand colors and brand logo designs are the two most crucial essentials for any business. Graphic Design, in this context, has vital importance. The role of online Graphic Designing is also significant in this regard. There is a  big potential for a Graphics Designing career in Pakistan. Due to high competition among the businesses, it is significant to create your exclusiveness. That renders a big scope of Graphic Design courses in Pakistan.

After receiving huge demand from our customers, eRevolute has introduced the best Graphic Designing Course around major cities of Pakistan. Graphic Designing is a very important factor which highlights the positive effect on a business, making it stand apart from another setup in the market.

Choosing a Best Institute for Graphic Designing Course 

The eRevolute Graphic Designing Course with Practical Training has a great potential to adapt as a career. It is one of those careers that give YOU more money for short time working. There are a good number of Graphic Designers who make only five business logos in a day to earn up to a 4-5 figure salary. Imagine the potential if YOU decide to peruse your career in Graphic Designing. eRevolute has been receiving plenty of requests to launch the Graphic Designing course in Lahore. We also felt that there are very few institutes in Pakistan that offer great Graphic Designing Course.

We hired the best instructors and trainers for the Graphic Design modules. Our team of visual graphics made it through to launch the course successfully. That is how we got started with bringing YOU the most trusted graphic design certification in Pakistan. Unlike other institutes, we have covered some further paces to stand distinctively apart from many other so-called best institutes of graphic arts in Pakistan.

What We Teach in Graphic Designing 

Graphic Designing is not all about creating logos and designs. A good Graphic Designer relies on his intelligence skills to create a masterstroke. The instincts are important to become a professionally good graphic artist. eRevolute takes YOU beyond the borders of art and design. We instill the instincts in our trainees that help them to become more successful in their careers.

Training On Best Graphic Designing Tools

eRevolute is one of the very few institutes which has introduced quality and inspiration throughout different cities in Pakistan. We have a state-of-the-art computer lab for training. The lab is fully equipped with the latest computers and 4K displays. We offer the most modern and advanced tools of Graphic Design to our future designers through training and practicals. For this purpose, we have paid version of smart tools to design the best artistic layouts.

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Individual Attention on Each Graphic Design Student

Whether YOU come in a group or as an individual, eRevolute treats YOU as our ambassadors in the market. We keep a check and balance to make sure every student with us receives quality individual attention. Most of our students have made their successful careers in Graphic Designing, not only in Pakistan but also in other well-known companies of the Middle East.

Let’s Learn Web Page Graphic Designing

At the beginning of this webpage, we emphasized the importance of Graphic Design for businesses with online websites. These sites have different web pages which include Digital Marketing Courses, services, and products. During this course, we will assist YOU how to design a web page accordingly to the theme color combination. Brand colors and logos are the foremost factors for your business recognition. During this course of Graphic Design learning, eRevolute’s expert teachers will teach YOU how to make unique strategies. These strategies are the steering wheels in terms of creating awe-inspiring designs. YOU must have noticed, food chains hold an orange color in the logo or brand colors, whereas Fashion brands use fast colors. We educate our students to know which color and what design should suit certain businesses as per the latest trends.

Color Scheme Intelligence in Graphic Designing

When it comes to Graphic Designing, one must understand that colors are the true identity of the business promotion. It is also an established fact that creative people can be excellent Graphic Designers. Graphic Designing Course offered by eRevolute shares all the latest trends when it comes to the color scheme. Our instructor will let YOU know what color will be suitable for a specific event or brand. We not only choose suitable colors but also use unique color tones that are eye-catching. Our teachers assist students to understand the theme of the product and apply the proper tones and shades to highlight the theme of that product. These colors afterward become the identification of your business.

Graphic Design Course and Certification

To become a Graphic Designer YOU don’t require a degree or certification. If YOU understand basic English, you can take this course. The course duration is of 8 weeks. It includes lectures by our professional teachers, practicals, and assignments. To make YOU a fully qualified Graphic Designer, we give YOU a project at the end of the course. After submitting the project, we award YOU the Graphic Design course certificate. The online Graphic Design certification is valid both in Pakistan and internationally.

  • Logo design
  • Brand identity
  • Social media ads
  • Magazine Design
  • Banners, brochures, and Flyers
  • Web designing
  • UI Design (Webpage, Apps, Games and theme designing)
  • Print Media (books, newspapers, catalogs, newsletters, etc.
  • Packaging design (labels, boxes, bottles, etc.)
  • Motion graphics (GIFs, animated logos, text animations, etc)
  • Typography
  • Photography
  • Video Editing
  • Digital illustrations (T-shirt designs, comics, concept art, infographics, etc)
  • Freelancing
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