CRM: Custom Relationship Management

Relationships are key to achieving goals, and it’s not a myth; it’s a fact: if you don’t know how to build relationships, you won’t succeed because psychologists and business professionals are just Spanish. No, but also in English, German. And American experts

And not just because social networks are at the center of almost every market activity today, but because every business lives up to its customers, who are the people: if a business interacts with people If you do not know how to set up, it is limited to disappear, so, fail. To do this, your customers need to know, and for that, it is important to use a CRM. But, still don’t know what CRM is and what it’s for? 

What is CRM?

This is the name given to systems or models designed to manage companies’ interactions with their customers, current and future. It is software used to automate, organize and synchronize all areas of your company to improve relationships with your customers.

Best free and paid CRMs

To help build and improve your relationships with our customers, we hope to provide you with a detailed list of free and paid CRMs (and both), outlining their benefits and functions. You will find the right solution for your company. Go for it.

Zhou CRM

The best CRM in a market focuses on small companies that need a simple and complete solution, and it is not recommended with very fast growth and/or a large number of customers. The free version is for a maximum of 10 customers.

The advantages are:

  • Multi-user
  • client 360º vision for each customer
  • . You can automate tasks.
  • Social integrates with networks, social networks for your users to follow
  • iOS has an app for iOS and Android
  • Google integrates with Google Analytics

Suit CRM

It is intended to be an open-source alternative to the above option, based on Sugar CRM and its open-source version. It’s designed for people who already have a deep customer base and a paid service that creates solutions for your relationship with customers, starting at € 15 per month.


Salesforce is an essential solution since it takes relationships with customers to another level: within this software, you manage relationships with customers and close sales with them. Also, manage. The salesforce operates from the CRM cloud, providing access to any site and device.

This is a solution that many people will love, and the benefits are:

Another level of contact management: basic statistics, usage history, interests, sales funnel to your site, internal notes, social networks, etc.

client company’s web Ltd each to increase the number of leads on sites capture the activity of each client,

each provides information to know the area of sales opportunities with every customer

to make real forecasts of sales in real-time

  • Personalized And real-time reports


Hitchcock is probably the best CRM for online stores to help create personalized advertising campaigns. For example, a music store can divide its customers into drums, guitars, pianos, etc.

This goal helps to send discount coupons, personalized offers, etc. For example, a hatchbook sends a discount coupon a few hours after your customer purchases or a few hours after the shopping cart is left.


One is that CRM focuses on sales production more than a simple relationship with customers, and there are different solutions for customers of all levels. Its main advantage is that it complements its services with an already highly recommended and well-known base camp project manager, so if you combine the two, you get an impressive ecosystem.

Net Suite

It is a cloud option that focuses on high-budget businesses and seeks to strengthen or build a strong cloud-based business system. The net suite is more than a CRM – you can handle everything in it: inventories, e-commerce activities, purchase orders, and human resources.

Gold mine

CRM is one of the oldest men in the world, and yet, it has many followers. This is installable software, compared to all the ones we mentioned, and it focuses on groups of 5-25 users. Moreover, it integrates seamlessly with Outlook and QuickBox.


Vtiger makes a general arrangement of a contact center CRM and includes a shared email inbox for better communication. Depending on the project, you may have a support system for your users to respond to email messages and create documentation for your product or service.

In addition, it has a better planning management system that includes better planning work and knowing what each client’s project is like. Everywhere one place, this is its best attraction.


The capsule detects and manages customers, suppliers, media, and even your company’s senior or junior employees. The capsule allows you to create different contact lists depending on your company’s project and its importance. It is something that gives it an advantage because most companies offer different types of customers different importance. Gives.

This allows you to see when you’ve engaged with each individual, their last conversation and automatically automates the most important tasks in establishing relationships with customers, suppliers, and employees. Allows creation.

Solution 360

Every business needs different information to know and uses it in different ways. That’s what Solve360 does. In addition, it allows you to use custom fields, labels, activity templates, and more to personalize your information.

In addition, it integrates perfectly with Google Apps, displaying the information on the Gmail screen, which is very handy because you don’t have to go anywhere else to get the information. Also linked with Google Sheets for custom reporting without leaving the Google ecosystem.

Batch book

Beyond the batch, the book integrates classic CRM social media and email – focusing on seamless integration with Hootsuite, today’s largest social media manager. As a result, you’ll be able to connect your social networks to HotSuite and view CRM data right there with it.

In short

In short, it’s designed with productivity in mind, yes, but add fun, fun, and personality to work to eliminate the boring part of CRM. In addition, you get valuable information from social networks, mainly Twitter.

One is the best CRM for industry professionals that provides services to third parties, extracts detailed information from every contact, and has a simple and elegant interface with tools and tools to track potential customers. In addition, there are reports on the performance of past work.

How to find the right CRM for my business?

As you have seen, there are different types of CRM work solutions in terms of cost, usage, and different purposes. The key question is: How to select the right CRM? We give you some criteria or tips to make the best choice for you.

  1. Number of employees: Not only does the cost increase, but the more you have, the more complex the management, the more employees are responsible for management.
  2. Target your CRM: As you can see, all CRMs have different specific functions. Some are designed to find potential customers, close sales with other old customers, and so on. You need to be clear about the goal you are looking for in your CRM administration.
  3. Integration into other software: We’ve seen some integration with Google Apps, others with HotSuite, etc. You need to think about which system you will use the information on.
  4. Special work: We’ve looked at how each CRM has features that others don’t have, analyzes each one, and decides which ones bring the most benefits to your business.
  5. Price: Decide how much profit you want / can make for the software, think about it in terms of customer and every month, because such CRM prices are usually Is handled.

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