Does my store need an app?

El electronic commerce world is ready to leap and bounds every year. If we own a company that works online, we have to ask ourselves, is that enough right now? Desktop Versions Every day, more and more people access the Internet from their page via our mobile phones.

If you find our page and realize that it is not compatible with mobile browsers, we can assume that it is a lost user.

There are two options in the world of mobile commerce.


It contains an application design that users can download to their mobile phone App Store, Google Play, or Windows Store. As long as we remember to add, this security protocol is a great option to protect our clients.

Pros: For many clients, this is the preferred choice and with which they feel more confident. We will design the application to your liking, create catalogs and easy purchase shapes. With this request, we can also send offer notifications to encourage our client to make another purchase and thus increase our sales.

Cons: In many cases, we will be charged a small fee for keeping the app available in the app stores, but keeping this price is valuable because we will reach more customers.

Mobile version:

This is usually the URL of your page replacing “m” with “www.” In this case, we need to create a simplified version of the page that most mobile devices can support.

Pros: When Searching Mobile This version will appear in search engine results, making it easier for our users to find us. New clients or discounts. This is the most effective option for customers.

Cons: You need dual web management since both versions will be different, and both should work to keep up to date.

The most advisable thing is to have both options to differentiate the shopping experience from the customers we can meet. Remember that we are always ready to be present in the world of e-commerce.

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