E-Commerce Specialist: What is it essential or recommended studies, functions 

Ten years ago, there was no e-commerce specialist because those who wanted to dedicate themselves to the profession did not have a job. After all, most companies and businesses still did not consider that the Internet would allow a person to control an online store. Enough to pay to get enough.

However, these statistics are very important today and can mean the difference between success and getting more people involved. Considering that there are over 100,000 XNUMX online stores in Spain, and many of them are dedicated to this, one eCommerce specialist can help you improve your sales. But what is this profession? What are the tasks? All this and much more we are going to talk about next.

E-commerce expert, what is it?

Before you talk to an eCommerce expert, you should know what eCommerce term means. The short and simple definition is that e-commerce is an online store. However, if we seek the broader concept, it refers to the sale, purchase, distribution, marketing, and information of products and/or services via the Internet.

In other words, we are talking about a website that acts as a link between customers, potential customers, and sellers, whether they are freelancers, companies, SMEs.

And then what is an e-commerce expert? This will be the person who can manage the online store. Now, we’re not talking about a computer scientist, a person who deals with the technical difficulties of a web page, but someone who analyzes e-commerce data and strategies. Creates a series that aims to increase. The web, especially in terms of increasing product sales as well as offering good service to consumers.

We need to clarify because many people confuse an e-commerce expert with a computer scientist when they have nothing to do with it. Their actions are not the same.

Duties of an e-commerce specialist

Duties of an e-commerce specialist

An e-commerce expert does not have a description of their role. Because it’s an emerging profession (and it pays off if you know how to do it right), its characters aren’t as popular as one might think. Also, depending on each individual, you can offer more work (otherwise, the demand from customers and companies forces them to work more than their share).

But, for you to offer a theory, you need to be clear about what might work:

About the website

In this case, the e-commerce specialist can take care of:

  • Analyze and make decisions to increase sales.
  • Improve the company’s logistics to provide better customer service and lower costs for the company (which will translate into greater benefits).
  • Check that the website is working accordingly (and if not, notify the web developer to fix it).
  • Develop strategies based on specific dates (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, summer.) to maximize sales of specific products.
  • Charge catalogs, product sheets, etc.
  • Analyze the product in terms of competition, implement actions to differentiate yourself from it, and highlight the products in the market to reach the consumers.

About social networks

An e-commerce specialist doesn’t have to deal with social networks because it’s the community manager’s responsibility. But it should help spread the content on the networks, either by creating a chain of products that they want to promote, either by acknowledging the credibility of that content, or even by consumers or crises or these events. Help manage who are born with users.

What do you need to study to become an e-commerce expert?

What do you need to study to become an e-commerce expert?

Being an e-commerce expert right now is a career of the future. You just have to look at the online shopping data. More and more people decide to shop online, which makes web stores necessary today (and tomorrow).

But for now, there is no “official” college degree for an e-commerce specialist. The truth is that it will be necessary to train it “manually,” in the sense that there must be several courses, postgraduate or master’s degrees in the subject.

A career-focused business (such as business administration and management) can guide you through the knowledge you need to know about a company at the university level. But, in any online business, you need to know important topics like SEO, web analytics, usability, sales management, online reputation, content strategy.

What is the meaning of this? For a good professional, you need to study different branches of knowledge. To give you an idea, courses on digital marketing and e-commerce would be best suited. But don’t stay away from any master or MBA you see; not only try to analyze the curriculum you will see but also create opinions about the curriculum since the content is Deprecated or not updated. , With which money will be badly invested.

In addition to this training, it is also recommended that they be familiar with the main features of this field, i.e., people from Spain and the United States are influenced by these topics, as there are many trends in our country. ۔ In other countries, it was implemented months or years ago, with which you can keep track of trends, and it is beneficial for your e-commerce.

Find a job as an e-commerce specialist.

If you want to dedicate yourself to this profession, and you already have the training that enables you to work, then you should take the next step to discover that the job for this profile Where the offer is available. We recommend the following:

  • LinkedIn. It is a professional social network and not just a section with job opportunities. You can also advertise on social networks, and other people will see you. All you need is an attractive profile and maximum completion.
  • Of course, this is an online job-focused website. If you put e-commerce experts in search engines, you will get a job offer, one of which will try its luck to choose.


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