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Many are affected by the e-commerce crisis and need government support to expand their business lines to continue until the beginning of March. Therefore, this important social alarm was generated, which includes a good involves some shops and stores online.

In this context, various contingency plans have been developed in these months to protect businesses that have been suspended. Both in developing business strategies and in relationships with customers or customers. So in this way, they are in a position to continue their activity from now on.

Related market feed  If we talk about opening online stores is the most advanced. In particular, businesses such as butchers, fishmongers, granaries, and small neighborhood stores are the companies most interested in opening stores on the Internet. This is how they try to compensate for the physical closure of their government-run institutions to fight the spread of the virus.

The sector with the highest demand

On the other hand, more traditional online stores are seeing an increase in customer orders these days. There was a demand for a wide range of services, articles, and products, limited to people’s homes. Such as food, books, entertainment and recreation products, or technology products

The Covid-19 outbreak, especially given the lack of response from physical stores that have shut down these days as a result. In some cases, the growth of their business lines has reached more than 40%. Where the biggest problem arises from collection points as users cannot leave their homes.

It is also important to remember that the automatic accumulation points are the ones that are more synchronized these days. Although they require large infrastructure and a certain complexity, we can find these types of lockers for a while. Typically, they are usually located in public places such as shopping centers or transport stations (and even private, such as shared areas of neighboring communities). Its mechanics are very simple for everyone because it is based on the fact that the user himself moves towards them and enters the bar code to access his shipment.

Support for freelancers and companies

Distinguished Community Partnership for Companies and Self-Employed

It offers the possibility of requesting a six-month deferral in Social Security contribution payments, without interest, in companies between April and June and, in their case, unemployed. Labor, between May and July 2020. In addition, they can apply for deferment of their debts with Social Security, which has a legal period between April and June.

Aid for tourism.

A line of ICO funding of more than 400 million for tourism companies with a partial guarantee of 50% by the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Tourism. In addition, for tourism companies (including businesses and hotels linked to the sector), 50% discount on business participation in social security in fixed contracts for contracts from February to June. Similarly, to ensure the liquidity and viability of tourism companies, under the framework of the Empire program, the Secretary of State for Tourism suspended the payment of interest and repayment of loans for one year and without penalty. Has gone Its different types R + D + I, Young Entrepreneur and Internationalization.

Other grants for SMEs

The following are some of the key support for SMEs and self-employed:

End of activity Self-employed professionals who see their incomes cut by up to 75% due to the Coronavirus crisis can access so-called “self-employment unemployment.” The amount they receive is calculated based on the average monthly contribution over the past six months. With a minimum wage of 80% for self-employment, the average self-employment will be 660 euros per month. To choose to terminate an activity, also called self-employment unemployment, requires that the worker be up-to-date on Social Security payments and enrolled in a special self-employment regime. Workers (Rita) When the state alarm was issued on March 14. Needy self-employed and businessmen need to go to the banks for this financial assistance.

The postponement will allow self-employment to defer loans they already have with Social Security. In addition, the income that self-employed workers had to make between April and June of the current financial year can be deferred by charging 0.5% interest. A six-month mocklurter has also been approved to pay duties with Social Security for May, June, and July for self-employed individuals and business people. In addition, there will be no surcharges or interest.

Pension plans. Self-employed or business people who have been forced to close their businesses can have access to save their pension plans.

Mortgage Mortgages for self-employed people are suspended for three months. 

Electric social bonds. It is intended for those who have lost their jobs or have reduced their income by at least 75%. They will be able to suspend gas and electricity bills for six months.

Self-employed people infected with the coronavirus. Getting sick from self-employed  cowardly-19 would be considered a professional accident. The minimum base fee for self-employment is 23.61 euros per day for those who are absent. The major difference in this regard is that it is considered a common disease in which the self-employed benefit from the fourth day, and the amount is 60% regulatory.

Financing. The government has announced many guarantees to address the 80 cover risks associated with loans that banks have given to self-employed and small and medium-sized companies. Specifically, 000 10,000 billion will be allocated for this initiative. Needy self-employed and businessmen need to go to the banks for this financial assistance.

Bonus on previous contracts. Especially in hospitality or trade, they have entered into contradictory agreements before the Coronavirus crisis. There were some special bonuses with these deals. Social Security has announced that it will retain the aid for all contracts signed until June. Needy self-employed and businessmen need to go to the banks for this financial assistance.

Concessions to mitigate the effects of the crisis

Within this campaign, it is clear that ePages, a major provider of online store software, wants to help businesses affected by the Covid-19 through free online stores to continue selling. With the “StopPay” initiative, closed stores have the option to create their virtual store for free and with all its functionality, which will help them reduce the economic consequences of the current situation so that their customers can go home. Continue shopping securely with The service will be free until the end of June, or if restrictions remain on opening the store.

Measures against the coronavirus, including the closure of physical stores, pose major challenges in the distribution sector. “Retailers are particularly affected by emergencies, especially small business owners,” says Wilfried Beck, founder, and CEO of ePages. “With the help of our cloud-based infrastructure, we can come up with instant solutions for thousands of businesses.”

The “Stopup” initiative has the support of many international e-page partners: Hostelia, a hosting company in Spain; Payone, a leading provider of payment services, is a joint venture between Angeniko Group and Deutsche Sparcasenorlog, and VR Payments, a distribution of VOX- und Raiffeisenbanken Bank payments in Germany; Host Point Hosting Provider in Switzerland Box e-commerce of the Society SAS in France; Velcas Group in Finland; E-Corner in Australia And Dominius P.T. In Portugal so far, all these companies have joined the initiative.

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