How to become a dermatologist e-commerce

It’s no secret that the epidemic of 2020 forced many (traditionally conservative) organizations and individuals to join e-commerce to run their businesses. However, eCommerce proved to be more profitable than they expected because many people could expand their business, either by offering more products or services at a much lower cost.

One such successful case has been that of a renowned dermatologist by Felipe Madrid, who, as a result of the so-called “new routine,” has grown his business by offering not only his professional services but also products. And that Phelpshop is one of the examples that other people are interested in doing e-commerce.

What can e-commerce offer to individuals?

Contrary to logical restrictions on physical stores, the digital world offers relatively everything possible and the lowest price. In the case of dermatologist Philip’s e-commerce, a medical specialist’s specialized services are offered professionally, but the business goes further.

  • Virtual consulting
  • Un large catalogs of products and brands
  • Service Free home delivery and return

It is better

 to remember that it is not necessary to have department stores or physically supplied products. In fact, in many cases, the owner of e-commerce does not see what the product is like. How do they do that? Well, using e-commerce methods like drop shipping.

This change, which has gone through Phelps’ business model, perfectly applies to any other professional (regardless of his profession) or individual who wants to perform. However, to be successful in e-commerce, there are some basic aspects to keep in mind.

Get to know your customers.

Meet your client

Habits, values, preferences, and consumption patterns on the Internet are very different from traditional consumers. Consumers who shop online are more cautious and informed, as they offer advice on various websites and social networks. Therefore, just offering products and services to attract them, convert them into customers, and retain them. It Will not be enough.

Reaching potential customers requires using a communication strategy with which they feel “compatible” and should not focus solely on promoting products and services. However, Internet users greatly appreciate the fact that people behind e-commerce talks.

Avoid getting caught up in the “price war.”

Price war
While it is true that the competition on the Internet is “unusual,” but that does not mean that it should be 
the prices go up in the ridiculousness to end it will be possible to further the brand and Get rid of clutter you don’t need. So you have to make it clear that one thing is to offer discounts and promotions, and another thing is to lower prices to such an extent that you can’t even make the least profit.

Always note that not all consumers who shop online are ideal. Many digital shoppers do not lose loyalty to the brand.

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