How to create perfect meta description

When you have a website, you set the main goal to have as many visitors as possible. To do You study about web positioning, about SEO, you have the most popular plugins, and you are very careful in the title and in the words that are going to explain your first lines. They can be described in the meta description.

Many people think it is not as essential to have a good title or an image. But experts know that’s not the case. The meta description can be “wick,” which triggers clicks on your post. And, if you grab this small readership, the most common thing is for them to click on the article and read it, which indicates that they are visiting your website. So now, how do you get the ideal meta description? We will tell you.

What’s the meta description?

Before we talk about the keys to achieving meta descriptions that give you the maximum opportunity to visit your website, you must keep in mind: What are you talking about. The meta description is a short text, about 160 characters, that will summarize the article that the user will search for on a web page. In other words, it’s a way to engage users. When searching the Internet, they get a list of pages to have the information they need. And instead of going after each other, they should read this short text and figure out what they are looking for.

This text is not just for a blog. Nor is the product of any online store. Any page needs to be created on a website, a contact page, a home page, who we are.

This aspect is often overlooked, yet it is important to provide an overview of the user and help Google find out which page it is. Also, if we combine it with an SEO and keyword strategy, meta descriptions can open many horizons for us and make it easier for you to position your website.

The meta description must be perfect.

Now that you know exactly what we’re talking about, it’s time to figure out what features are needed to make it perfect not only for search engines but also for users themselves.

To begin with, you should know that meta descriptions can contain only 160 characters. In fact, in some cases, it is suggested that you do not reach it but stay at a maximum of 156. Also, in this short text (usually about 20 30-XNUMX words), You must enter the word or keywords. This page is selected for the article. For example, if the page belongs to an online store where you sell “electric scooters,” this might be the keyword that should be in the short text.

A little trick is to use the keywords twice. Then, when a user searches for the word, the fact is that it appears twice in the same text, which attracts the attention of the human eye. This is a psychological technique that can help you.

Meta descriptions should never be written for Google Robots. That is, it cannot be unnatural or simply looking for exclusive positioning. Instead, you need it to be unique, naturally written, and well understood.

The keys to your meta description to entice search engines

You know what it is, and you know its features. So now, let’s move on to the really important thing: what should you look for when creating a meta description for your website, e-commerce, blog, article?

Specifically, we recommend these keys:

Meta description words

We are not going to repeat what we have told you before, but we are going to emphasize some aspects that you should pay attention to:

  • Never capitalize on this whole text. On the Internet, writing in large letters means that you are shouting or angry and that what you want to keep can be misrepresented or taken in the sense that, not at all, You intended.
  • Don’t even write some big words, as if you want to highlight them. It’s all about confusing people.
  • Goodbye References. Search engine quotation marks are useless. Not only that, they can fire back, so try to avoid them whenever possible.

Do not copy meta descriptions.

Suppose you have two products that are identical but only different in color. And you say: Well, the same product, the same meta description. No! Big mistake. Experts themselves inform us that the content has been repeatedly copied, stolen; on the Internet, it works to make Google a siren and, do you know what to do? , Penalize your website.

So always try to give plagiarism-free content to any website you have, any article you create, and any product in your online store.

Avoid getting caught, and they won’t help you.

You may think that meta descriptions, because they are important to search engines, should be considered, and you should start adding keywords and keywords. But it’s going to hurt you in the long run. First, because Google’s algorithm is already able to “understand” what is written, and if it sees that you don’t give it a natural feel, it can push you back into the search results.

The best formula for the meta description

To conclude, we would like to give you below the best formula to explain the meta. Always keep in mind that it has to be in line with the title because the combination of the two boosts your visits.

For specific, meta descriptions you must:

  • Repeat keywords twice.
  • Start with a powerful word, “one of gold.” Usually, these are the verbs that “move.”
  • Introduce an issue that they have, and that may reflect them.
  • Answer this problem.

If you can do that, you will win a battle.

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