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Many times we collect clothes and things at home that, after all, we either don’t use, or we only do it once before we run out of the back of the closet. The problem is that, over time, it all takes place, and when ordering, you find things that no longer serve you, that you don’t like, and that you don’t Are able. When that happens, it’s very annoying, because it’s money spent. But why not take advantage of it? Today we show you how to sell on Winted.

If you’ve seen the TV ad on how to sell multiple times on Vinty and you’ve already been cut out of the issue of curiosity, take a look at what it means and, above all, if True, this can be bypassed-but not unless you’re a techie who knows what he’s doing.

What is Vinty?

Wint is a request that emerged in 2008 and landed in Spain in 2016, albeit now that it is better known, especially because of the crisis we are facing.

It has a community of over 34 million users and works as if it were an online store for second-hand products. Although initially intended to sell used clothing, it now allows you to upload other products as well as accessories.

One of the advantages of selling in Winted over other applications is that they charge you a commission, neither in sales nor in maintenance, nor when uploading articles.

How to sell on a wint stage

How to sell on a wint stage

If you want to learn how to sell on Vented with a maximum guarantee of success, this is your interest. You need to be aware of the sales process in the application. But, on the other hand, you need to know the best selling strategies and everything goes smoothly. So we’ll finish it for you.

Sell at the win stage.

To sell on Winted, first, you need to download the registration application. Next, you need to verify your account, so use an email that you regularly check, as notices will arrive.

Once you have an account, you must describe yourself in the “About Me” section. Next, choose which shipping options you want to have when you sell.

The next step is to upload the articles. They should have a picture (at least 5) and as much detail as possible. When publishing, the app gives you the option to highlight articles or promote at reasonable prices. But if you don’t want to pay anything, you can leave it.

Now we just need to wait for the buyer to contact you or buy the goods from you to pack the goods and send them. We recommend that you make a video of how you do it and the condition of the item to avoid the hassle. You only have five business days to send the package.

When the buyer receives the package and indicates that everything is OK, Winted pays. This means that if the package doesn’t arrive, or the buyer complains, you can’t get the money.

How to sell on Winted: Tips that will work best for you

In addition to this process, to sell on Winted, you also need to consider some “tricks” that work and get your product out to as many people as possible. For example:

Write product description

As detailed as possible, with keywords if possible, terms that people can find on Winted. This way, you can make sure that the app’s search algorithm finds your product.

Some suggest that the explanation is in Spanish, French, and Dutch. This is because these countries are the ones that use the application the most, and so you will give a description in their language. We recommend that you include English.

Include some hashtags because they work just like social networks and favor your articles and their promotion visits.

Set affordable prices

It is best not to charge more than 20 euros. People usually don’t see them for more than 15 euros, because we’re talking about used products, so try to set a price that represents a deal or offer.

If the product is more expensive, you have to adhere to it, but sell more of them where you can make a little less money.

Focus on the same theme

Selling clothes, selling electronics, selling. It’s good that your account is diverse, but if you focus on one type of thing, which tends to be very high, your efforts will be more rewarding. , Because they will find products in your account because they know you are an expert in them.

Of course, when you’re done, you can always change the theme and try others out. Something like “limited stock that you keep changing.”

Attractive photo


Second Hand September: Where can you pick up pre-loved clothes | Metro News

Imagine that you have some shoes that you do not want and you are going to sell them. You take them, put them on the table and take photos. Now think of the same picture if you spent 20 minutes cleaning them, putting the lace down well, putting in the proper lighting, and taking multiple photos from different angles. 

If you saw two ads, one taken quickly with a picture and the other where they were careful, for the same price, what would you gain? Well, that’s what happens here. The icon is everything. Spend time taking standard pictures. This will improve the visibility of your product’s ads.

Forbidden, is it profitable?

The basic question you keep asking yourself is if it’s worth it to try to sell everything you have and if it does sell. The first thing you should know is that everything can be sold if it is reasonably priced. So, for example, if you put 1 euro on it, a gold ring will sell. But that won’t happen if you put in 1000 euros (or at least it will get more complicated).

To keep in mind here is that we are talking about second-hand clothes and accessories. Even if you haven’t used them, they’re not new to people and affect the price. What do we mean? That you can’t ask for the price of a product like “new.”

If you take a moment to look at Winted’s opinion on the internet, the truth is that you will find a lot of positives and negatives. Everything depends on your experience. Some say you earn 200 to 300 euros a month, but to achieve that goal, you have to do a lot of advertising and promotion, which takes time. The product is not selling itself unless it is something that many people are looking for. Also, the price moves against it because some will not want to pay the price you ask for, or it will seem too expensive and try to hide. So the profit will be less than you think.

Finally, we can say that it is possible to sell on Vint if you work from the beginning and it benefits you, it is easy. But you don’t like to quit your job or vacate everything that doesn’t serve you and fills itself up. So even if you are earning a little, you may get extra money at the end of the month.

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