How to use video conferencing in e-commerce

How to use video conferencing in e-commerce

Why use videoconference in an e-commerce?

If you have e-commerce, of course, you have established various contacts for your customers, but have you thought of video conferencing as one of them? It’s an original and small exploitative approach to e-commerce, but it also brings a virtual company closer to consumers.

If you haven’t considered this and would like to know more, keep reading because, of course, we show you something that can be useful for your e-commerce.

Why use videoconference in e-commerce?

Shopping on the Internet is a blind eye because you can’t see, touch, or know the products beyond the pictures presented on this e-commerce. But what if he changed? You know, if you have doubts, you can contact the seller who will answer you (or not).

But there is a difference between buying video conferencing online in e-commerce and making it feel like you are talking to someone as if you are going to buy a bakery. , In this way, it brings the customer and the seller closer, puts a face on them, and above all, creates a relationship that is no longer cold. Reaching customers is very easy. You humanize the business and increase loyalty.

There are many reasons to use videoconferencing in e-commerce, but they all lead to the same conclusion: they make e-commerce a “life” because we look beyond the web page.

How to use it to your advantage

Using video conferencing is as easy as scheduling and enabling your camera at the moment so that someone can call you and clear up any doubts before you buy or because they There is a problem and you want to participate.

To do this, you must have the Latest Laptop/computer (or Smart mobile Phone). The higher quality you give it, the better because you will offer a better service (which means less hassle if you have a strong internet connection).

Advantages and disadvantages of video conferencing

Advantages and disadvantages of video conferencing

How good is video conferencing for your eCommerce store? We want you to discuss all the advantages and talk to you about its advantages and disadvantages.

The benefits of video conferencing

There are many benefits to activating this communication system with your customers to get their attention. Because to get started, we are talking about a form of communication that cannot be matched, with which you have already stood, and if you also offer quality, the customer will give you We will start giving notices. It will be as if they were bought in a real store.

If you also sell physically, you will reduce travel costs for your customers first. And second, because you don’t need anything extra to offer this service, you can customize it based on your clients in longer working hours.

We talk about an individual consultation, although it can be like an email, since you give it a personal nature and respond to it, allowing you to view and communicate “on your behalf.” Being able to (always establish respect between the seller and the customer) shows customers that you are more committed to your business.

Disadvantages of video conferencing

Now, all is not well. Getting started because you have to live within the time available, and this is not something that clients will request all the time, with which there will be hours that you will spend doing nothing. And you say, I can do something else. But be careful because if a user tries to connect with you and doesn’t listen, you will also create a bad image.

You must have a place for video conferencing. And although we’ve said that you don’t need anything extra, what you use (camera, microphone, etc.) should show a good image and good quality to understand with the customers.

Tips for successful video conferencing

Tips for successful video conferencing

Lastly, we don’t want to forget to tell you some tips so that video conferencing with your clients can go well, as you must take care of some aspects. Specifically, we recommend the following:

Keep the computer to make video conferencing in a “good” area.

When creating video conferencing, you will show your clients a part of your business, whether local, in the office or your own home. 

Necessities find you in a place that provides professionalism to your business. If possible, always put your company logo in the background to relate to it and thus not lose sight of the fact that it is from the company they are talking about. Are doing

Introduce yourself

Keeping in mind the “failures” that you will remember because they have gone viral, we recommend taking the initiatives from top to bottom. That is, wear clothes with which you go out on the street, or with which you will serve your customers.

And why do we call you from top to bottom? Yes, we know that video conferencing is usually held sitting down in a room. But what if you have to get up? What if you didn’t wear something down? Your client is going to watch you and may give you the wrong opinion. So try to be fine by calling these people to face to face.

Tongue and take care of your patience

You have to keep in mind that a video conference is not like a face-to-face. Also, you should know that sometimes it fails, the sound goes down, the image freezes. So tie yourself patiently because they are things you can’t guess.

This means that if they ask you to repeat things or ask them to explain them, it’s not really because they don’t understand you, but because there may be errors and your message may not be correct. In these cases, in addition to trying to explain things as much as possible, try to stay straight with the answer they are looking for.

It is available at different times.

Not everyone can afford video conferencing during business hours. 

So, whatever you can do, stay out of your competition by offering more flexible times, or at different times than usual. For example, from 7 to 9 in the morning, or from 8 to 10 and 11 at night. Yes, these are the hours you don’t have to work. But clients will appreciate it because you don’t force them to “fit” their query into their schedule.


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