Industrial Marketing: What it is, the goals and how to do it

Every organization today needs a marketing strategy to achieve its goals. We’re not just talking about digital marketing, with a presence on the Internet, but in general. Able to sell and hit the reputation l., You need to reach your target audience. However, the industrial sector can be the most difficult to achieve unless you have an expert in industrial marketing.

But what is industrial marketing? What kind of marketing strategy does it use to help the sector connect with its audience? That’s what we’re going to comment on below.

What Is Industrial Marketing?

What is Industrial Marketing?

According to Go 2 Jump’s definition in one of its publications, industrial marketing can be defined as marketing. It is a marketing strategy developed to find others, attract them, and with a purely industrial purpose. Need to get a particular product or service. Thus, the purchased product will be added to the new production chain or sold in wholesale markets. “

In other words, we are talking about a series of techniques that are used in the industrial field for this purpose. People who are interested in the products or brands that the company sells as a service need. Or offers.

Industrial marketing has no “person” audience. It does not try to focus on the people but instead goes to other companies that may need to satisfy the first company. For example, imagine two companies, one manufacturing machinery and the other a construction company. Construction of the second building is about to begin, but it lacks machinery. You need to hire another company. And this is the first time you can get this client.

What are the objectives of industrial marketing?

What are the objectives of industrial marketing?

Now that you know what we mean by industrial marketing, it’s time to figure out what goals you need to pursue. And that is, to perform the strategy well. It must meet certain objectives, such as:

  • Give more visibility to the company or brand.
  • Put it on the Internet as much as possible in search engines so that, if a company or individual finds a particular product they sell, they leave the first results to have more sales potential.
  • Improve sales. What is most important with this?
  • Build trust. Not only that, you get as many people as possible to see you, gain leadership in the field, and set a “minimum standard” for both your products and your services.

How to set up an industrial marketing strategy

How to set up an industrial marketing strategy

When pursuing an industrial marketing strategy, as with any other marketing strategy, it is important to follow a series of steps to achieve a goal (or many). These are:

Find out who your target audience is

As we’ve said before, the common denominator in industrial marketing is that the target audience is an individual, not an individual, but a company. But you need to know what kind of company it is. That is, you can focus on distributors, stores, manufacturers, importers, or even industrial end-users.

Depending on who you are addressing, it will depend on the message you want to convey. For example, selling a distributor to a consumer will not be the same as selling to an end-user. And it’s not because, in the case of a distributor, you’ll be able to use technical language to make your product the same in a professional way. On the other hand, the way the product is presented needs to be simplified for the end-user.

You have the product and are used to it. It does not mean that you cannot speak technically, but many words cannot be understood if he is not very knowledgeable.

Multiple supports

In industrial marketing, having just one website is not enough, and that’s it. Sometimes it is necessary to go further, for example, by presenting yourself in other stores or distributors so that they show you to potential customers.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to your website. You need to optimize the Internet, improve it, and even focus on a social network where you can consider your potential clients.

It is important to follow a good SEO and SEM strategy, as 90 times dependencies depend on the engines themselves (and especially Google).

Generate sales

Not going to sell overnight. But all of the above will help. Establish an advertising strategy in both social networks and search engines, which should impact sales.

The clear purpose of industrial marketing is to sell. And for that, you have to reach the customers. How? Creating content that is appealing and encourages brand and product awareness. Collaborating to reach new customers (for example, in distributors, or collaborating with manufacturers to appear as a brand); Etc.

In short. The key is to bring the product closer to companies and interested people. It will already depend on the quality and price you offer, to encourage them to try. But sales are not as important as the fact that these people repeat. That is, they become loyal customers. They are the ultimate goal of industrial marketing.

Return on investment

To find out if an industrial marketing strategy works, you need to set goals. And if possible, positive, never negative. So when you invest in it, there will be a return on investment.

If, for example, a strategy is developed and it does not yield good results, you are spending money that you do not fix because you do not get sales that cost. Can justify. Of course, you can’t imagine any strategy working for the first time. Sometimes you have to try several attempts to see where you go wrong and “correct the shot.” Only then will you get that return.


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