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When you have an e-commerce or web page, you know that online advertising is essential because, through it, your users can get to know you, meet you, and yes, they can. Buy from you too, But it’s not that easy.

Do you know What is online advertising? ? And what types are there? If you are considering it right now, here we give you the keys to understand it 100% and find out what is right for your business.

What is online advertising?

The first thing you should know about online advertising is that the concept changes, just like the field in which it operates, the Internet. We may define online advertising as  advertising that targets the Internet users for this purpose.” In other words, some ads refer to us on the Internet to promote businesses, articles, brands, etc. Of a specific company

Previously, online advertising was not even known. People who bet on it became pioneers, but as the Internet is flooded with homes and jobs, many companies are more interested in Internet advertising than physical. I prefer to invest more because you can reach them. A large audience, primarily if it is well performed.

Advantages and disadvantages of online advertising
Advantages and disadvantages of online advertising

Considering what online advertising is, there is no doubt that it has eliminated offline or physical advertising. However, everything has its good part and its lousy part.

In the case of the benefits of online advertising face physics, you will find:

  • A message that can reach unlimited people. Its scope is huge, unlike any physical role that will reach only a small part of the target audience.
  • Possibility to measure almost immediately. You’ll have to wait and see how people react to offline advertising. Online, it is imperative to measure whether it has been successful, whether it needs to be modified, or, conversely, withdrawn.
  • Talk to people, usually through social networks, where many can do or ignore their actions.

Now, not all things are good. You need to be prepared with online advertising :

  • Reach only people who use the Internet. Although there are very few people who do not use it, it is possible that your target audience is not there, and you will have to use other advertising channels.
  • Faced with such saturation of advertising, consumers ignore advertising. This is common, especially since many companies advertise, and because of this, consumers focus on the parts that interest them and leave others out.
  • There are no clicks. This is due to misleading advertisements that lead to unreliable websites, computer virus detection, etc. It damages computers and content, so many people do not click on banners or advertisements to fear it.

Types of online advertising

When you hear about online advertising, the most common thing you think of is banners that you find while browsing, either through a page or through a social network. 

SEM or search engine advertising
SEM or search engine advertising

The search keyword is a kind of advertisement advertising, which uses keywords and pays for advertising with them and thus reaches more users, especially if the first page of search engines Like Google.

For you to guess, these are the first contacts that usually appear, sometimes repeated, when you search, but also those that appear in the right column of the search engine, or even in Google Shopping. ۔


Banners are a very powerful source because they have been around for a long time. It is about spaces designed with a strategy to advertise a page. Hey, if possible, insert a link so that, by clicking on it, it takes us to a web page where you can Want (usually also related to the banner).

Online video ad

And if before we were talking about an old ad, now we are talking about a modern ad. It is the most powerful and can be added to banners in any form of advertising via email via social networks.

Attract more than video advertising banners now (because many people already ignore them when they see them). It also provides more dynamism, and in many cases, draws closer to the company.

Social media advertising

Not just banners, but there we talk about the direct and indirect techniques of companies for advertising. For example, on your company page, put products you want to sell, or advertise your company. What would be the direct technique? In indirect individuals, the most important thing is to use sponsors or influencers who show and talk about the company’s products or even about the company itself.

Email Marketing
Email Marketing

Along with banners, email marketing is also quite old, although you need to know how to use it to avoid being considered spam or blocking your account, which would be worse. If you are careful, this can be an advertisement that will bring you many benefits, as you can send private messages to the users and thus at the most convenient opportunity for them (to solve a problem). Arrive.

Mobile advertising

With mobile ads, we are referring to SMS that has somehow been forced to become mere ads. However, even though many people are reluctant to such online advertising, the fact is that it works.

More than 95% of them read messages within minutes of receiving them, and many interact.

Pop up

As an online ad, we can’t forget about popups. Although it continues to be used, and it is becoming more and more common, it must be said that it is the most annoying and annoying of all advertisements.

Yes, you are going to meet them, but the fact is that it can damage the page because they want to close the popup and close the browser, or they get annoyed with the interference and continue Don’t want to keep Where they were

As you can see, there are many types of online advertising, and one or the other will work best in each case. Now is the time to analyze your e-commerce to find out what is best to invest in it.

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