Social Commerce: Where to Start?

Social Commerce: Where to Start?

We know that social networking is an element we can’t leave out if we want our online store to reach more people. But many social networks are indeed difficult to handle simultaneously, especially for emerging, small, and medium-sized companies with limited resources and staff. While its goal is to stay active and present on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where is it

 Easier to get started?

One point we can take into account is the number of users each has on a social network. A study by the Social Media Family confirms that Facebook has 24 million users, followed by Instagram with 9.5 million users and Twitter with 4.5 million. This gives us the main idea of ​​where to start first. But as important as demographics are in each of these networks.

Speaking of Facebook, out of the total number of Spanish users, 56% are between 18 and 40 years old, 38% are between 40 and 65, and 6% are over 65, more female profiles than males (53% – 47) ٪). About 6 XNUMX million study at the university, Madrid is the city with the most users, followed by Barcelona, ​​Valencia, and Seville.

Twitter also has the largest users in cities like Facebook, but with the difference that it is not necessary to identify any gender on this platform. Thus we have 33% consumers, 29% men against women, and 38% indefinite.

Instagram is a state-of-the-art network and caters to similar demographic trends, with 69% of its users under the age of 40, and similar for female (51%) and male (49%) users.


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