The Benefits of Doing SEO on YouTube for E-Commerce

Reaching consumers through video format is a growing trend. In fact, after the coronavirus epidemic, videos have increased their visibility. If we add that Google views audiovisual content very well, your eCommerce account should consider this. Now, to get good results, you need to do a good SEO on YouTube.

If you want to know how to do SEO on YouTube, why we recommend it, and the techniques your users will love, then stop reading what we have prepared for you. Don’t do

YouTube channel for your eCommerce?

Why YouTube will improve your eCommerce SEO

When you open an online store, eCommerce, the first thing you think about is that you should focus on your website that is easy to visit and as attractive as possible. And you are right. But you need to know that content on the Internet today is through video in 80% of cases. 

Of course. We know eCommerce can’t have a physical store, and that’s why you won’t be able to record a lot of its videos. You may not have the products because you have hired another company to ship the goods, and you have added them to the list. In these cases, the provision of visual content becomes more difficult.

Show the use of the products you sell? Why not talk about your e-commerce market? These are the original themes that don’t pay much attention to “buy, buy, buy,” which add value and give your maximum e-commerce credibility.

And that’s one reason to bet on having a YouTube channel already. But, to use it and make it worthy, you need to know how to do good SEO on YouTube.

Why YouTube will improve your eCommerce SEO

SEO Techniques for YouTube: Love it with your eCommerce.

Do you know that learning to do SEO on YouTube will not affect anything in your e-commerce? Well, the reality is very different.

SEO brings you down the aisle. It’s such a complex thing that you never stop knowing what you need to do to take advantage of it and improve your position. And if we add to that, when it seems like you get over it, the algorithm change, and they drive you insane because they don’t tell you what’s changed. 

Nowadays, it’s the reality that audiovisual content is Google’s favorite and is expanding to other content. That way, you’ll get more visibility through videos, which will translate into more e-commerce visits. If you have a good SEO technique on YouTube, and it is in your e-commerce, you can get many benefits from your business rivals.

SEO Techniques for YouTube

Now that you have more knowledge about SEO on YouTube, we don’t want to leave the topic without first talking about the techniques that can help you fall in love with eCommerce users. But, of course, just because you don’t have an online store doesn’t mean you can’t use them; while, they are used for any YouTube channel.

Search your target audience

One of our biggest mistakes is thinking that our channel can be in everyone’s interest. This is not true. For example, imagine a toy channel. This will be of interest to the children and the family. But a married couple who do not have children will not be attracted to toys (unless they are collectors or the like).

Therefore, it is important to specify what your target audience will be because that way, you can focus specifically on them.

Keyword Search

19 Advanced SEO Techniques to Double Your Search Traffic

You need to know what the keywords are to rank your content. And you can do it in two different ways:

  • Study your competitors and see what keywords they use. This way, you will go to the positions, and you will be able to take the channel’s position. But, don’t make a difference.
  • Search for keywords that don’t exploit so much. Yes, it will take time, but there will be differences between the competitors, which may attract other people in your target audience, strengthening your position.

Our suggestions! Use both Keywords that you know work and try again to see if you get good results.

Improve the title and description of each video

With the keywords you’ve found, you’ll need to create a video title and description.

The best thing is to put strong words in it and create phrases that attract attention, solve user problems, etc. For example, imagine you made a video of an orchid transplant. Normally in Google, you would put it in your search engine, but such a title will not attract attention. On the other hand, if you do “how to do an orchid transplant to save your plant from a certain death,” you can get more audience.

In the description, you should enter at least 500 characters, where you can describe the video as much as possible. This is where you should include keywords and even a link (for example, in your eCommerce).

YouTube on SEO: Tags

Tags, like social networks, are becoming very useful because they help you find users. However, it is not good to optimize this part much because you can get the opposite effect. To do so, place bets on keywords and terms related to the posted content.

Be careful about the quality of the content.

Badly recorded videos, barely heard, and badly edited will not improve SEO or position your eCommerce channel on YouTube. You need to give it your video quality, let the information that serves something for them. Otherwise, no one will be interested.

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