Tips for creating contests on Facebook and promoting your eCommerce

One common way to promote your e-commerce is through Facebook contests. With them, you can reach a large audience who sign up to participate and have a chance to win whatever you argue with. But, of course, the better the reward, the better you can get.

Pears There is times when Facebook contests don’t work out the way you want them to. So, today we want to leave you a series of tips to help you win a successful contest, including promoting your e-commerce with good results. Do you want to know how?

What are the competitions on Facebook?

What are the competitions on Facebook?

If you’ve browsed Facebook, you’ve probably noticed that they’ve shared a page in a friend’s profile or even in the suggestions on the social network’s main panel. These are the so-called contests on Facebook to promote a page to somehow “reward” Facebook followers (both current and new, guided by the contest, like the page). And follow).

This is a tool that many people use to get traffic to your eCommerce (because many people go to your website while waiting and see what you sell) or generate engagement. L ((or the same thing that draws followers and makes them feel cared for and appreciated). Also, by using Facebook access, we can reach out to many more people. Done. Now, remember that you will not always succeed. Even if you do everything well, it may be that you do not get the result you expect. But it is inevitable because you 100% can’t predict what will happen.

Facebook rules for running a competition

Facebook rules for running a competition

Because you use different “platforms” from your e-commerce, you need to follow the rules you set to create competitions on Facebook. And these are:

  • Explain the terms of the competition. That is, who is going to win? If you want to take part in it, you have to live in a certain place, age, or other traits (not discrimination).
  • Establish legal aspects. In this regard, we refer to data protection, access to participants’ personal information (and asking them to accept that this information may be used for commercial purposes).
  • Discounts from Facebook. Yes, you can run a competition on Facebook, but despite being a competing platform, the social network is not responsible for anything.
  • Restrict message. And there are a lot of things that Facebook doesn’t allow, for example, and the most common thing in contests: sharing posts to participate; Request to tag other people. Or self-tagging of photos.

Good tips for creating contests on Facebook

Good tips for creating contests on Facebook

If you want to compete on Facebook to promote your e-commerce, you must keep in mind the necessary aspects. For example:

The goals you want to achieve

Getting followers is not the same as driving traffic to your e-commerce. Each of them has a different purpose. In the first case, you will get people to follow your page and build loyalty over time. Secondly, you will generate traffic so that Google can look at you (and thus start positioning).

As you can see, what you want to achieve is important, especially since other aspects will govern.

Target the audience

To run a competition on Facebook, you need to know who you are talking to. Keep in mind that competition will give you growth in followers and likes, but that doesn’t always mean they will generate sales. Therefore, you need to establish your target audience to maximize the desired results, especially if what you want is sales.

An attractive prize

Imagine that you put a bookmark on Facebook to win. A priority is that very few people will sign up because you are not giving a reward that attracts people or other interactions worth liking or making.

Here are some of the important point we can give you to compete on Facebook:

Don’t ask too many questions.

In Facebook competitions, you shouldn’t ask for more. When you encourage people to do 3-4 things to participate, the simple fact of worrying about complying with everything makes people win the competition because they don’t see that the prize is worth it at the moment, when they are going to invest (even if it is less).

For that reason, he tries to make his participation as easy as possible so that they don’t mind bragging, but they like it because they care about it (and don’t exploit it). Or is that a way to get free advertising for e-commerce).

Beware of details

You did a competition, great. But, have you set a deadline and how will the winner be chosen? Sometimes one of the biggest problems is that people think it’s “language.” Therefore, when running a competition, always follow all the rules to know how it will work.

Offer a consolation prize.

Unfortunately, there are usually 1-2 winners anywhere in Facebook competitions, and that’s it. But imagine 2000 participants. Or 20,000. Out of many, only one winner seems like a joke. Also many, when they see that there are many participants, they stop trying.

So, as far as you can, try to offer everyone a consolation reward, which can be a discount in your e-commerce shopping. That way, you’ll be able to provide details for followers who have participated. And began to build loyalty.

You can announce this award in the competition rules (especially if you estimate that you are outnumbered) or work wonders for everyone who participates. And how to deliver the details? Well, you have two options.

  • Use the data you collect (name and email in this case) to participate in the contest.
  • Have a post with this description. Again, only those who have not participated in it can benefit from this reward of consolation. And again, this would mean that you have to spend on these processes.


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