What is a community manager

What is a community manager, and how do I know if I need it for my e-commerce?

In recent years, this fashion professional has been the one in charge or manager of the Internet, online, digital, or virtual community, or community manager who works as a brand auditor on social media. Digital marketing refers to the overall incidence of developing or implementing all kinds of strategies.

In any case, and to prepare for this professional work. The role that training plays is no less true. Not surprisingly, a self-confident community manager is the company’s spokesperson in the digital environment, and thus, one must be the best communicator. Within the organization and in its external relations, this is a part that should be partnered with certain professionalism. So much so that it can come from journalism, advertising, marketing, or communications. Also supported by specialized training in digital marketing and social media management.

On the other hand, one has to try to avoid comparisons with a social media manager as they are different professionals even though they may complement each other at some point in their professional phase because they are two different profiles, which complement each other and are reported, but with different functions. Although many times the same professional acknowledges the competition between the two.

Community Manager: Its highly relevant work

You, of course. Wondering what kind of profile this professional should provide. Well, to begin with, it should be a person who likes social networks and provides a high level of professional empathy, creativity, and a desire to improve communication through new technologies on the Internet. Does But not only that, but on the contrary, there must be solid knowledge in other subjects or disciplines as well, as we are going to expose them in some of the following:

  • Strategic design
  • Community management
  • Evaluation and management of processes and projects
  • Crisis management
  • Customer
  • Tools 2.0

In this general context, these highly educated professionals contribute an excellent network of social media influences to better implement strategies in e-commerce planning. I’m helpful. Whatever its nature and direction, it stems from its business guidelines. In this way, the community manager can be a strong helper in making the right decision towards digital business.

This is an important question in this class of companies, and the answer can be found with some ease. Because what happens at the end of the day involves considering other technical considerations for the company’s sector or other valuable material in the field for which it works that will be of interest to its followers. Can this be one aspect that you should consider if you need this professional from now on?

Because on the other hand, we should also emphasize the relevant fact that a community manager is a person who should know other areas and find solutions. Because it cannot be forgotten that it performs multi-stabilizing functions. As in the following cases which we expose you below:

Get to know your environment better to be more efficient in your companies when the most active users or influencers bring these functions to the fore from now on.

Creating empathy with your community. Importantly, this may be the most relevant key to the success or not of a good community manager. In this regard, it is important to develop an emotional relationship with our customers, who interact with the content we create, to be included. The value of all their actions can be increased.

Do I need e-commerce for my business?

After analyzing this incident, it is important to consider what the community manager needs to do to establish whether or not I need this data to start and grow e-commerce. From this point of view, there is no doubt that if we need a community manager, we will work with a rejection process to find out if I need to evaluate the companies I recommend. Am

Well, there are many online businesses where these features are more important than statistics. Because it needs its features, and that’s why we’re going to put together a list of companies that can make the most of social networks. Where they can play a very important role in making their decisions. For example, in the following cases:

  • Clothing retailer
  • Electronics retailer
  • Companies that provide online products or online services
  • Companies that provide logistics or parcel services
  • Companies selling goods, on the other hand
  • Consultation
  • Lawyers
  • Home and Sporting Goods Stores

Another aspect that we need to analyze to include this professional in our development team is what is in our store or online business with the goals we pursue. And where we present at the moment, the following functions come to the fore.

In addition to company/brand goals,  develop strategic plans on social networks  where measurement and concrete goals are set (Number of followers, “I like you,” RT’s, visits to social networks) Number, etc.)

Analyze the data obtained. Make changes to measurement tools and strategies if necessary.

Communicate, listen and troubleshoot are the three most important keys that every community manager must know.

Use all the previously organized and managed information for the company’s benefit, which it receives from the brand’s customers or followers.

So even after all that we’ve linked to its functions, it’s a good opportunity to ask the definitive question: Are you interested in having a community manager for your online store? In some cases, this may be the case, but it is unnecessary from any point of view in others.

How to choose this professional?

This is another most relevant way you can do it now. The fact is that many of these languages ​​are counted or mastered to maintain most of the relative relationships from that moment on.

Choosing a community manager is, of course, mastering languages ​​other than Spanish, or at least English. And the fact that you can no longer dedicate yourself to selling overseas, but with the ease and opportunity that e-commerce offers, you never really know.

In addition, this way, you can see and analyze what foreign competition is doing in social media and, therefore, apply these techniques to your brand.

Be a modern human being from the beginning.

The achievements of your brand on social media will depend on the content. Whether it’s the text through posts, videos, photography, infographics, live …, when choosing a community manager, be creative in terms of the content he shares, knowing the tastes of his users, and creating valuable posts Doing and creating for yourself In this sense, if you know how to record and edit video, it is better, because currently, the video is the one that is the most spread.

In any case, you should not forget that a community manager must move to very modern areas to be successful. Not surprisingly, this is one function that requires learning more of these skills to run an online store or business easily.

Get to know your brand better.

It’s more obvious that you know how to sell your products or services to communicate your brand values ​​properly. You should know the company well. It is often better to have an internal chief minister, as they will know better than an out-of-business chief minister. In any case, the domain on everything related to the commercial brand you currently represent.

Commitment in decisions

In the end, and about everything in life, one of the virtues of this professional profile is that you are, above all and decisive. You have to understand every metric and statistic that comes out of every social network management. Each has an “Analytics” section where we can see the details of our administration and get some more hints about what we need to do.

So, and finally, it will be essential that you know how to choose the right Community Manager. Among other things, because there are so many things it can do for you.

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