What is a corporate blog and how to write it ?

When you have a company and build its website, you can also choose to include a corporate blog, a blog in which you can share information about the company internally or at the market level.

What is a corporate blog?

Before learning how to write a corporate blog or its tricks, you need to understand what 100% is. We can define it as “a web page containing articles that a company, organization or brand have created.”. It should be published regularly and based on useful information for the readers. What kind of information? Always the one related to the theme.

For example, suppose you have a corporate blog of Protein Shake brand. Articles that will be interesting can be related to these products, such as appreciating their benefits, talk about what they are made of. But you can also talk about this protein shake diet, How to prepare it, etc. But they need you and their full attention to pay special attention to what you sell and what is included in it.

In general, a corporate blog is a means of communication that a company has with its customers, where you can provide relevant information and content that validates your product. Therefore, the people in charge of these articles should be professionals, whether they belong to an internal online marketing department, a freelance writer.

Steps to writing a corporate blog

Steps to create a corporate blog

Now that you know what a corporate blog is, now is the time to do what you can to make it happen because it won’t work for you if you don’t take different steps.

So, below we will talk about you.

Define your strategy

You must have two very important points in mind: goals and people.

Total goals that you decide should be realistic to do, and you should not consider the long-term will be completed (because all around you think causes long-term, careful), but in the short term me also.

For example, if you want to write a corporate blog to have clients in the first month. That would be a short-term goal, but is it realistic? Not very You should know that the results of the blog can not be seen from the moment. They need time to act. Nor will it be a good objective to attract clients quickly or for a blog to have a maximum of one lakh readers or more than 2-3. It is very difficult for you to get it, even to pay for it.

As for the audience, you need to know what content strategy you want to use and the nature of the language used in the text or video (which is increasingly being used and is on the rise). Who are you talking to?

Be aware of your resources.

You are about to write a great corporate blog. But must know what resources you have. Suppose you don’t have someone in the company who is a professional copywriter, regardless of whether they like writing it or writing it well. In that case, they can’t communicate with the reader, or they Can’t understand And the reason is that the articles have reached where they did not reach.

A copywriter for texts, a social media for spreading images, infographics, creations for posts. Yes, you need them all to get results. And no, not all are worth it because quality will suffer. If you allocate a handsome budget, you will get the right result.

Plan your content

Establish your content plan

Next, this step is probably the most important and that you should think carefully. This, divided into several sub-sections, takes you out, but usually, we talk about preparing the strategy to follow in terms of the number of articles he published. What will be its style, how much depth will be in the articles, length, images, types?

We talk more in-depth:

Blog style

You need to specify how you would like to have a corporate blog, i.e., a formal, informal, colloquial, close. 

Publication calendar

It is important that you know when you will publish articles and that they are ahead of time. Programming them will help you better organize yourself and notify social media in advance of spreading this content so that they can produce posts that precede this content.

Depending on the company profile, it may be interesting to publish once every 15 days (2 a month) or even once a week. If it starts to bear fruit, you may want to consider increasing posts.

Keep in mind that you don’t give up because a company that doesn’t take care of itself can’t give a good image to its customers.

Sources of traffic

It’s okay to publish an article, but it won’t reach everyone if you don’t move it. That’s why you have to specify the different channels to get it, both social networks, newsletters, email marketing, other blogs, AdWords, etc.

Explain the matrix

In another way, tools that will measure the results you get with your blog to help you determine if your content is relevant to your audience or if you need to do something else.

Design a corporate blog

The second step in creating a corporate blog is to design it. Many blogs have been integrated into the company’s brand’s website. And they have the same style, but there are times when you want to give it another design.

For this, you need to have a good web designer who knows how to work with code to change the style and make it to your liking. Of course, this line must be followed on all other pages.


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