What is a digital smuggler?

The digital sector is the fastest growing in the world, even several times a year. So the emergence of new professionals to help with digital marketing. It has been the case with digital smugglers, a new profession that is now in great demand, and although it was already known, and some even devoted themselves to it, they now find an English name, which makes them perhaps more important. 

What is a digital smuggler?

We can define a digital smuggler as a person, male or female, who is in charge of developing Internet advertising campaigns. Therefore, its mission is to network, i.e., the whole internet, specializing in getting good campaigns that make the brand visible. Works That way, you’ll be able to meet your goals since your specialty is to find high-quality traffic that turns into conversions (meaning it’s positive for the company).

In other words, it is the one that is responsible for getting qualified traffic so that a website has a lot of visits and is focused on the company’s target audience.

For example, suppose you have a children’s entertainment company. But really, your goal is not the children themselves, but the parents. If the traffic you get is only from kids who want to “play” because you have an online game on your website, they’re not going to be users. On the other hand, if the traffic for parents changes, it is possible for them to start testing your services and products.

What are the functions of a digital smuggler?

What are the functions of a digital smuggler?

Now, digital smugglers, like many other digital marketing professions, may not know everything, but they must specialize in a specific branch. And, in this case, its functions are well described. Asking for more than just these functions will only mean that you don’t know what the professional is doing. And what are its functions?

Audit your advertising strategy

The first thing you will do when a client requests services are to review the current advertising strategy. If so, what exactly does it mean? You will analyze the data and find some errors in the results or something else that did not meet the ultimate goal. And even if it does, it will want to make small changes to improve those results.

For this reason, it will, for example, appear in the type of campaigns, in the ads that are distributed, in the distribution, or the percentage of conversions. It will also analyze the competition to see if they have the same results, what they have done that the company has not considered, etc.

Set a new strategy

The next step for a digital smuggler is to work out a new advertising strategy with changes so that you can think about how to get the most out of the campaigns you run.

Run an ad campaign

Based on the above, you will be in charge of creating ad campaigns where you have established that you will put them (Google, Facebook, Instagram ).

Analysis and editing

There will be a constant review of these campaigns so that appropriate changes can be made to get the most out of the company. Sure, the budget will run on you, but your goal is to get the most out of it.

Inform the client

It is also the job of the digital smuggler, as he should be in constant touch with the client to inform him of the results he is getting as well as if he meets the objectives.

Types of smugglers

Types of smugglers

After looking at the functions, did you know that there are different types of digital smugglers? Although it is common for professionals to dedicate themselves to advertising campaigns, there is something more specialized in one field or another.

Thus, you can find:

  • Digital Traffic in Social Advertising He says that those who specialize in social networks are Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram.
  • Google specializes in advertising. For those who want to attack the search engines directly, especially Google.
  • Treffer is dedicated to e-commerce. Professionals who specialize in online activities to convert clients.
  • Specializes in infra products. Yes, there is also a specialization in products such as online courses, webinars, etc. We can even say that they are dedicated to digital products (such as eBooks or content that is only sold online).

When does a digital smuggler charge?

When does a digital smuggler charge?

And now, the big question: how much do digital smugglers charge? This is probably what you think if it costs good if it is cheap. There are now two surprised groups: those who want to dedicate themselves to the profession and those who want to hire a professional.

The answer is no special person, but you should know that the salary is quite high. This is between 20,000 to 50,000 Euro. And this, even if you think it’s too much because they are worth it. Remember that we are talking about a person looking for quality traffic with which you will get very positive results. Therefore, their work is expensive.

Now, in the market, being a profession in high demand, you can find tremendous price diversification. Our advice? Neither the cheapest nor the most expensive. Your online reputation is at stake.

Know what you need to know to work

Finally, we want to tell you about the “training” that you will need to dedicate yourself to being a digital smuggler. In addition, you should know that this job requires constant training because digital marketing is changing and dynamic, so you should always be aware of the latest changes for your job.

That being said, you:

  • Get basic training in digital marketing. That way, you’ll know a little bit about everything in this world.
  • Specialize in a field, whether it’s Google Advertising, eCommerce, Info Products, Social Advertising. There’s nothing like taking courses on these topics. It is important not to cover too much. Only when you master and feel comfortable in one can you move on to another. But it is better to start with one and then diversify.
  • Practice Sometimes, launching your website can help you prove your worth, and you’ll reach more people yourself.

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