What is copywriting?

 If you have e-commerce, one of the most modern and equally attractive terms is, without a doubt, copywriting. But, at the same time, this weird and fantastic word contains a professional technique that tries to create seller text. 

Not only this, with the help of fire, you can do welding. Also, use your products to get more sales of products and services designed for your product. Want to know how to do it?

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is a foreign word, and many people think it means “copy of the writing,” but in reality, it is not. Instead, this word has been translated as a reaction. And what is meant is a tool (writing) focused on a specific purpose: to sell. So what goals can you achieve with it?

  • You can get customer attention. These writings are not like the ones you usually see on web pages but because of their sound (remember that we often read the words in our minds) or their Due to effects or other reasons. , They make it attractive.
  • You can please customers. Because what these texts are looking for is to connect with consumers, but at the same time get results, whether they buy a product, leave your email to subscribe.
  • They represent the reality of a product or service. In this case, it doesn’t go around the bush. It tells you about its problem, and then it gives you the solution to the problem.

Copywriting is always there.

Do you think that this is something that has come up as an invention of the present? Well, that’s not true. The fact is that we are discussing an idea that has been with us since 1891. That name did not even know him. And why 1891? Because that was the year when August Oaker, a pharmacist, developed baking powder. The product was a huge success, not because the yeast was successful, but because the packages included recipes to tell people how to use the product. And the same recipes were published in the newspapers.

And for some tricks, it succeeded? You are right. Because if we look at the content, the copywriting that Outker used was: You have a problem, a product, and a solution to that problem. In fact, from this example, there are many more, such as Netflix.

How to use it

The maximum of this technique is to convince consumers to do what they want. And that they don’t need something entirely and not only the things they buy, but also other things: they subscribe, share what they have, and download something.

So, the channels you can use are very different.

  • Social Network. There is a way to reach out to the people and offer them something that attracts their attention. For example, telling stories that are interesting to read. Connect with users, or draw attention with short, powerful phrases.
  • E-commerce, for example, on the homepage, was short and powerful phrases that can impress and attract users simultaneously. Also, in product files, make their description more practical (I have this product that solves your problem).
  • The “About Me” page In many blogs always tells the story of that person or company. And while this is not a sight to behold, it should not be underestimated. If copywriting is used, people who visit this page to learn more about it can believe it and try it out.
  • Landing Page These pages are straightforward, and they usually have one clear purpose: to sell. A page is presented here to attract the user, and that is that all the information is in one place. But you can’t satisfy it with text, and it doesn’t appeal. That’s why copywriting works so well on them.
  • Blogs are fine, and you can even Copywrite an article. The phrase may fit that definition. However, because we are not selling you anything, we are leading you step by step to a problem (ignorance) that we solve with text.

Use copywriting to generate more sales.

And now let’s get involved with what you want to know: How to sell more with copywriting. It’s straightforward to answer, though it’s much more complicated than you think when it comes to putting it into practice.

Copywriting can generate feedback from users, but if your web page or product doesn’t reach them, it won’t work no matter how high the text’s quality. What to do then?

  • Bet on advertising investment. All companies do it because it’s a way for businesses to reach a target audience. And you can use copywriting with short and catchy sentences to get that call effect.
  • Copywriting Text on Your Website We recommend that you check your website to convert boring text into copywriting. For example, you have a flower shop. And that you report your product. But if instead, it tells the story of a person looking for a gift and who never stopped thinking that a flower is a pleasure to look at and can also express emotions.
  • Email Marketing Email-based copywriting can help you sell more. If you regularly send a newsletter to buyers and expect positive feedback and more sales, if you send a text that they want to read more, Browse the web or, yes, buy products. And it all starts with a short but shocking habit. For example, and looked on LinkedIn: “I’ll sell you to my sister.”

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