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Essence has launched an SEO tool in the cloud that analyzes business visibility on the Internet to help companies improve their visibility on the web and grow their business. With “free SEO reports,” automated companies can know them against positioning competition and avoid major SEO mistakes, such as not updating the web, optimizing the site with keywords, copying title tags. Etc.

With Free SEO Report With Users Have Valuable Information Increase Traffic Thanks to a lot of key data in your website, such as the popularity of your site and inbound links, the keywords that help. Users reach the site, chat on social networks, Page Rank, and Alexa level between competition positioning and other parameters.

“Free SEO Report” is an efficient online tool that offers the keys to knowing the position of a website or business on the Internet and its position against competition. This application is available under Cloud Software as Service (SaaS) model. Any user, whether an Acens user or not, can access it.

Essence offers a free SEO report and the keys to achieving good web positioning

The keys to a good web positioning

From Essence  they insist  SEO is an essential part of online marketing for professionals, freelancers, and companies to improve their business visibility and increase quality traffic to their website. However, many companies invest money in the initial approach and then do not follow all the recommendations and do not allocate resources for their maintenance. 

For this reason, the service provider Cloud Hosting wanted to know if any website adheres to some of the basic principles of web positioning. After analyzing usage events and the results obtained by users of your tool, click SEO has developed a study represented in an infographic.

I know the results of this study, they get asyns the results y advice:

  1. Unique title meta tags:  61% of the analyzed companies have duplicate documents of their titles on their pages. This tag should offer valuable information about web content to people and search engines.
  2. Add ‘ALT’ to images: In an image, the ‘ALT’ attribute describes the content of search engines, while the ‘title’ describes the content to users. However, about half of the companies do not use the ‘reverse’ attribute.
  3. Update the web with new content: In a digital world where users search for quality and current content, search engines show the results to their updated sites that update the information. However, studies show that about half of companies do not update their websites at least once every fortnight, and this is something that search engines are severely penalized for.
  4. Avoid duplicate content: One-third of the sites analyzed duplicate content, either internally or through third-party links, usually penalized by search engines.
  5. Check for broken links: In the digital world, misspelled URLs or outdated links are important errors because “404 error – page not found” negatively affects pagination. Even so, 30% of sites make this mistake.
  6. External links:  Enriching information with external contextual links is a process that values ​​search engines and users, but it is something that 22% of companies do not.
  7. The web takes less than 2 seconds to load:  Easy to change a page if it doesn’t load; companies improve their website’s loading speed. Fortunately, 94% of them charge in less than two seconds.
  8. There are no 500 errors on the server: 500 errors are easy to spot and are usually caused by poor hosting services or poor traffic management. Be aware of this, and only 5% of the websites analyzed by tools like Click Save have encountered this error

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