What is Evernote and how can it help you?

You’ve never heard of Evernote before. Or that you are one of the people who use these digital tools. However, it has become an excellent solution for information management. And given that there’s a lot in it today, and we’re working with a lot of it, it’s the right tool.

If you want to know what Evernote is, what are the benefits of using it, and above all, how it is used, Take a look at what is ready for you.

What is Evernote?

In this tool, you can store information, both visible on the Internet and your creator. We can say that this is your workspace in the cloud because you can save everything necessary, or you will need to work, enjoy, relax, etc. Without pen drives, carrying disks, or using your computer’s storage.

What can you save? From multiple documents, web pages, emails, documents, photos, books. The advantage is that they can all be categorized, such that you have an external hard disk in the cloud. It helps you manage all the data you receive and prepare, and you’ll be able to categorize photos, audios, videos, arrests, documents in one place.

For example, imagine you have to document yourself for a task. Instead of copying all the links to these pages, where you have information, you can take screenshots and make Evernote for you.

What do you use it for?

Evernote seems like a notepad to you. But the truth is that, although it could have been considered that way before, it is no longer so. It’s been evolving and working. There are many things it can do today:

Gather information from the Internet

It is possible to save the URLs of the pages you want and captures the content or save the audio or video notes for later viewing.

Share information with others

Do you work with a team? Well, nothing happens; you can get the information you want others to see. Here you will find two variations: If you have a free account, you will get it for other people to see, but they will not be able to edit it. If you have a premium account, yes, they will view and edit documents with everyone who shares them (or in folders themselves).

Evernote can be used as a personal diary or Notepad.

For instance, keeping things is not just storage. You may also create and write notes and documents (in others, you will need to create the document first and then upload it to the cloud).

Create a workspace

Not only because of the ability to add information but also because Evernote gives you an email account that you can use to forward it to everyone. You have an important email, and you need to save it, and it will not be lost? You forward it (or you call it by default; all emails are sent to this email), so Evernote receives it and saves it in its desired folder. Does.

That way, if they are useful, you will always have a backup.

You will be able to scan documents.

Who will say okay The best thing about Evernote is that it not only scans documents but also recognizes text and can create a document or PDF with text (so you can copy the text in the icon) Forget to do).

Benefits of using Evernote

Now you have learned what Evernote is and the usage you can give it, you will surely appreciate the benefits that it can give you in your daily life, not only at the work level but also personally.

Able to access your data from anywhere

Fantasy Cage. That you have a computer at work, and it’s not like you have at home. However, you need data from this company’s computer because you saved something important and forgot to transfer it to a USB drive. Okay, that’s Evernote because it will be compatible with all the computers you have. Keep all your changes. You will be able to access your data from any computer using your account.

It will not only be available between computers, but it will also be available on Android, Windows Phone, Apple.

it’s free

It’s free to use on all devices. But this version is “limited,” although for personal (or even average professional) use.

It also has a paid version when more will be needed.

You have an internal search engine.

Even you don’t have to remember where you have saved things or what your name is. Search engines can easily find what you are looking for. And then, it will show that you will allocate to get the results.

Types of projects in Evernote

If you go to the main event page, you will see three types of plans (although only one is free). These are:

Basic planning

This is a free plan. Among its functions, it lets you attach annotations, PDFs, receipts, files, and documents. Capture Internet Pages; Manage your Evernote space (except for document searches or checking version of documents); Share with others.

Of course, keep in mind that you only have a 60MB monthly load, and you can only use two devices with your account (this will not allow you to do anything else).

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