What is Google Shopping 

Google is one of the companies that usually produce most of the products affiliated with celebrities. However, some are overlooked because they can be difficult to understand. This is what happens with Google Shopping.
And yet, did you know that it is a very useful tool for e-commerce? Connecting to a browser (used by a very high percentage in the world) allows your product to reach consumers.

What is Google Shopping?

When you want to buy something, whether it’s a plant, an instrument, a cream; many times when you reach the browser (basically Google), find and find the product you want, that’s fine. ? Well, in the results, in the right column, we see a series of products that you might be looking for. And, if you look closely at the title, here it is Google Shopping Results. Bingo!

Google Shopping is a price comparison of a product, but it’s also an opportunity for any online business to tell everyone who finds their product. In other words, positioning. Google is indexing an online store’s product so that when someone searches for that product, they display it along with the price and the store so that the user can compare prices and different The product can be viewed by Google stores that Google registers. What’s more, this box is more important than Google AdWords advertising or traditional search, so it’s a very powerful tool for promoting your business and your product.

How to set up your store on Google Shopping

Before launching yourself and entering Google Shopping, you must consider this decision. And also that you meet the requirements that are asked to enter. We talk about:

  • Google AdWords account. This is important because it links to your Google Merchant Account (e.g., Google Shopping “Company”) and allows you to create campaigns for your products.
  • Google Merchant Center account. Is Google Shopping Appropriate?
  • Keep a product feed, if possible, in XML, so you can send it to Google, and your product starts to show.
  • Is an online store.

Once you have everything and your decision is solid, here are the steps you need to take to enter Google Shopping:

  • Search Google Merchant Center You have it here: https://www.google.com/retail/.
  • You have to sign up, and I recommend that you use the same email that you provided in Google ads, that way, everything will be faster (and the two accounts will be easily connected). To sign up, you must input all the required information and, once verified. You can proceed to the next step.
  • Upload your data feed. That is the file (in XML refined) with your product information. Of course, this is easy to do when you have some products, but if you have thousands of people in your store, then use the plugin to create it easily.
  • Check that everything is OK, especially before shipping it, so that there are no errors (especially in prices) that could adversely affect your store.
  • Link Google Advertising and Merchant You will do this in “Settings” and from there in “AdWords.” What do you need? Identify Google ads only.

And that is, you will have your shop. In the next step, you can create a campaign to start appearing on Google Shopping and get it done with your ads.

Advantages and disadvantages

Now, not all glitters are gold, and in the case of Google Shopping, we can’t tell you all the benefits because that’s not true. Just as there are many advantages, there are also disadvantages that you should weigh to make the best decision about your company. In this sense and objectively, we talk about all of them.

Benefits of Google Shopping

Among the benefits we highlight are:

  • Visual Advertising Because not only are you looking for a text, but it will show an image, and it could be what the person is looking for. Being visual and comparative, you have a lot more intention to buy than other results.
  • Preference because Google Shopping products appear before AdWords ads and are ranked first in search engine results. Google’s trend may be similar, which makes it more important.
  • Eligible traffic. A person sees a product or seeks it out because he intends to buy it, not because he wants information about it. So it usually (sooner or later) turns into a sale.

Not so good

Now, there are a lot of difficulties to keep in mind, which are:

  • Compete with your price. The “winners” are those who offer the best value for the product. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to succeed with this tool. If your prices are not competitive, it will be almost impossible for you to get anything.
  • Big companies. Amazon, Casa del Libro, eBay, Media Market, Carrefour, L’Court Engels; they seem familiar, right? Well, know that you have to compete with them, and this will reduce your chances unless you value your product.

How to sell on Google Shopping

The big question is, is this a sale on Google Shopping? The answer is complicated because there will be some who say yes and some who say no. You need to be clear that if you don’t run AdWords campaigns, Google Shopping won’t cost you anything, and you will naturally start to list it. Can. So why not give it a try?

Of course, since we know it’s important to just tell yourself about Google Shopping, we’ll leave you with “tricks” to help you sell more. Will?

  • Bet on an explicit title. Doing so will attract more attention. But what do you put? There is a formula: brand-gender-product-color-size. That way, you won’t waste that person’s time.
  • Recommendations. Very important. but we know it costs a lot to get them because people don’t usually spend time commenting on products or stores (with and without exceptions). ۔
  • Best Picture We’ve already told you that Google Shopping is very visual. The problem is, if you don’t pay attention to that, you will lose a bad image, and you will not be selected in the end. So bet on a good photo session of your product.
  • Use labels. This is a good strategy to attract attention, for example, by saying that you are on sale, they are bargaining, that you are the best seller.

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