What is WooCommerce?

The Internet is a place where more and more online stores sprang up. But that many of them work under WooCommerce? And that it’s so easy that, without the technical know-how, it can be used to build your e-commerce in minutes?

If you want to know about WooCommerce, what it is for, its benefits, and enable you to use it. Then, take a look at what is prepared.

WooCommerce can be described as a plugin. It is the same plugin installed in WordPress and works in creating a functional online store on one page without the need for programming knowledge or a lot of computer skills. In turn, it transforms your entire page so that you can sell with key elements like carts or carts where consumers can buy their products, purchase finalization system, different payment methods, costs. ۔ Shipping.

In short, we’re talking about a fully-fledged store with just one plugin.

Yes, while WooCommerce is free, some features don’t require another extension that may cost some money. However, it is much more efficient in the long run because it is worth paying extra, especially if you don’t have much idea about ​​web pages.

WooCommerce focuses on small and medium-sized businesses. That is, it works for freelancers, as well as for SMEs and companies that are not very large (even with some major edits, it Can serve even though it is not their target audience). Moreover, thanks to its simplicity and customization, nowadays, it is easily chosen to set up an online store (in a few minutes).

It was created by the company WooMims, which launched it on September 27, 2011, and in a short time managed to acquire many companies, web pages, blogs, etc. So they will enable it and start their journey as e-commerce without knowing anything about programming, and only the plugin is properly loaded so that it works properly.

What is it for?

What is WooCommerce?

For all of the above, we can say that WooCommerce is a plugin that converts a normal web page, or blog, into an online store where you can sell the products you want, whether physical or electronic (e-books). , Special codes, etc.).

That way, you’ll have the entire online store framework in a matter of minutes and with one plugin (although sometimes it’s easier to install something else to give users more convenience.) In addition, more than one percent of online stores around the world have WooCommerce as a system, which means there are a lot of possibilities that, when you buy, you do it with this plugin.

And is WooCommerce worth it? Well, turning your page into an online store helps you sell. Of course, to do this, you need to configure the plugin to avoid errors by as many users as possible, or that the sales process does not go awry and Also, you cannot complete the sale.

Before that, it was more difficult to get because the plugin was complicated, there was not much information, etc. But that is not the case today. Many tutorials will help you figure out what the first steps to take with wooCommerce are.

What are its benefits?

What are the benefits to VoCommerce?

Quick, easy-to-use WooCommerce, and above all, we are talking about a free plugin (its full base). So that’s already an advantage in itself. And that is, it does not take more than 2 hours to set up an operational online store with WooCommerce in WordPress. After that, everything is enabled and ready to start delivering orders. However, there are other benefits that this plugin offers you. For example:

WooCommerce agrees to your website.

Unlike other programs or stores, the design that costs you the most to find, or pay for, will be respected here. There are only a few modifications to be made (if they are to be made), but it will retain the essence of your website, and Woocommerce will go with it. That way, being customizable, you can change whatever you want.

WooCommerce is flexible

What is required to install VoCommerce?

Because it’s not just about selling physical products, but digital, shopping, and subscription services. You can even create a market and sell your products to others (like Walpup or eBay).

You have an extension that makes it even better.

Many are free in this case, but there will be others to pay for, and with them, you can improve the services of your online store. Of course, you won’t need them the first time you install, because the main plugin is more than enough. But if you want to give it maximum use and better features, some interesting things will be.

Of course, when installing many plugins slows down your website, you have to choose smartly which ones to have and which ones not so that you don’t have to worry about loading speed. Don’t have to face

What is required to install  WooCommerce?

Now that you know what WooCommerce is and what it can do for you, it’s rare that you start thinking about creating it, especially if you’ve been on it for a long time. Want to start and trade online. To think that it was too expensive and difficult. But you have to stop before you can. And these are:

  • An Active Website It’s easy to avoid problems with the sales process. You have your domain and quality hosting service, and users leave your page because they can’t buy from it.
  • WordPress. As we have said before, the WooCommerce plugin works on WordPress. You will not be able to place it on a page that uses another system, so if you want it, you will need to install this CMS on your host to work with it.
  • To sell products. That is, whether it’s physical, shopping, digital products . to set up an online store, you need to sell something.

Once you find these three things, installing the plugin is very quick and easy. All you have to do is enter the WordPress dashboard (where you will become an administrator and take full control of everything) and go to the Plugins section.

There, you can click “Add New” and, with the help of search engines, you can find important WooCommerce plugins.

You need to install it and wait a few minutes to install it at the basic level. And the rest of the time, we’ve said that before? Then, you will need to input all the important information: location, payment methods, shipping methods, shipping costs, enter your store products, etc.


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