Who should be the manager of social media?

It’s not a magazine, and it’s not television; it’s not even a board or a radio that makes our clients take pictures of us. Today, this role is filled by social networks, with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as the main characters. No company can afford to get out of this monster. Marketing is the most widely discussed social network. And behind these networks, there must be some people who are compatible with the company, its clients, and its values. Therefore, we offer you a short and quick guide to find the person or team in charge of giving the company a facelift.

Emotional intelligence:
It is important for a person with this characteristic to feel empathy for the client. If a problem arises or a negative comment, instead of avoiding or deleting it, the company should put itself in its place and offer you options to improve what has happened.

Excellent spelling:
Companies or celebrities do not forgive spelling mistakes on social networks. Therefore, it is always important that you have a familiar team with the rules of spelling and grammar, which also gives professionalism to the image of your company.

Attention to trends:
Social networks are evolving every day, and a company that wants to keep its customers in mind must have them on the same channel. So adopt these current and novel aspects and adapt them so that they relate to your company.

Permanent values ​​with the company:
You can’t ask a liar to run an honest campaign. Instead, find responsible, honest, and conscientious people who also identify your values ​​with your company. You will find that messages will come in clearer and clearer forms.


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