Why should luxury brands use e-commerce?

E-commerce is an opportunity that many luxury retailers are reluctant to use. However, as the market prepares to explode, new research shows that thanks to the information it generates, its consumers’ online activity, luxury brands have the opportunity to store 80% of their customers by name. I know

Research conducted by the Contact Bill in collaboration with Accent BNP Prebas, “Digital Frontier 2016: Digital Luxury is Mainstreaming”, shows that brands need to work harder to seize opportunities in their stores. With e-commerce, when it comes to providing integrated sales and marketing experience.

The report shows that digitally connected consumers represent 27% of store revenue and three-quarters of e-commerce revenue. Such customers also have a cross-channel implementation percentage, 50% higher than stores with unique customers.

According to Mabim Phoebe, CEO, ContactTab, luxury brands need to change their mindset and open the door to the mutual benefits of engaging with digital consumers. This digital connectivity with consumers is changing. Thanks to the luxury industry and available e-commerce tools, brands have all the information about clients’ online activity.

This allows them to identify 80% of the customers in the store by name. The success of luxury brands depends on the ability of our customers to take advantage of digital profiles and make the commitment to purchase decisions.

Luxurious retailers can win more sales through anonymous customer engagements to attract more committed relationships across different channels. However, suppose brands ignore the online channels through which people can engage with consumers anywhere. In that case, they will miss out on the opportunity to get a clearer and more accurate idea of ​​their customer profile, behavior, and preferences.

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