WordPress and WPO: How to Improve Your E-Commerce Speed

The loading speed of a website is one of the decisive elements in SEO positioning. When working with WordPress, the WPO method is the most effective way to improve this feature.

It is essential to understand and care for this element right from the start. We’ll go through how to do it and what you should do in this post. The benefits of this collaboration between WordPress and WPO.

Instant introduction to WordPress.

Most of the currently created websites are made of WordPress, also known by its acronym WP. This content management system or CMS allows the development of all kinds of sites, from a simple showcase to complex e-commerce, in a fast, simple, versatile, and economical way.

It accomplishes this by utilizing optimal templates that may be modified while. In addition, plugins or microprograms add extra functionality to its perception.

The templates used have all of the requirements for successful operation: they are. Responsive: They provide enough protection, are search engine friendly, and enable you to rapidly add dynamic and static content.

Its loading speed is likewise correct, but it may be enhanced further by adding the so-called WPO and other features. Below, we’ll look at this critical aspect in accelerating access to the top websites.

What is WPO?

wpo what is this?

These abbreviations are expressive in English. Web performance optimization. Or, in Spanish, website optimization. Its function is clear: to maximize the site’s performance so that it can be loaded in the shortest possible time.

This established truth should not be overlooked: Internet consumers will not wait more than 3 or 4 seconds to visit a website or e-commerce. Instead, they discover a different destination and abandon the first effort before the interval is through. In other words, a slow loading speed will eventually result in the loss of potential users or followers.

Also, loading it is not enough. Home Quick: The rest of the site should be activated smoothly, without unnecessary or long waits, and ensure a pleasant user experience for every Internet user.

That is also an important consideration. This is an essential component of Google’s natural placement, according to Google. The longer it takes for our page to load, the less likely it will rank well in search engines.

WPO and WordPress

Wpo in wordpress

At this point, we all began to become a little more aware of it. The importance of WPO when developing e-commerce. Creativity in WordPress is no exception: yes or no, it is important to improve the performance of the web during this process.

The key is dominated only by the development of teams of professionals and/or web positioning. These experts are essential to multiply our websites’ visibility, traffic, conversions, and returns. Designing eCommerce with WordPress is accessible to almost everyone, not even having prior knowledge of web creation. But still, there is a big difference between publishing a decent website and winning e-commerce in highly competitive markets.

It’s really about that. Enjoying a tool. Marketing is operational, efficient, and close to our strategic goals.

How to apply a good WPO in WordPress

Certainly, the task of improving eCommerce performance in WordPress is much more complicated than adding a series of plugins to determine it. They are a real help, but they are also important. Enough knowledge and experience to discriminate which ones are right, join them, polish them and adjust what is necessary in this regard.

So, inevitably, we have to rely on it. Freelancers who specialize in web positioning. , Who is capable and capable of carrying out this task properly.

We offer below as a guide to reflect the level of complexity and the huge number of technical decisions that must be taken in this respect, which resources allow to speed up the loading rate of any WP eCommerce. Are :

  • Enhance the supplied photos: The final weight of the site is the product of numerous tiny additions, and images play a significant role. Images of extraordinary resolution and not too much weight are required for viewing on the Internet. However, we often design with these formats, which are, of course, superior to high quality. By adding them to our WordPress, we are unnecessarily overloading the total weight of the site, a real disadvantage that slows down its loading speed.
  • Quick loading of content: LazyLoad is a technique that allows you to defer the appearance and loading of certain contents to the exact time at which the user views them. They don’t load when they’re out of sight or start navigating. This generally reduces the display time of each screen. The user sees it too much.
  • Extend the cache. : Are distinct in this regard. A plugin for increasing site performance and WPO. Technical components of this procedure include smoothing HTML, permitting understanding, storing, and transmitting bandwidth. The freelancers are experts who understand exactly what we mean.
  • Reduce static resources. This is another question that sounds like Chinese neophytes. This applies to CSS, JS, or even HTML files and takes up less space and therefore takes less time to load.
  • Bet on the conditional load of libraries and other resources. : It involves loading only those elements to be used in each section, avoiding downloading them all before it is necessary.
  • Contract hosting quality: price difference is usually not more than 4 or 5 euros and highly innovative and advanced technologies in the exchange, which will help us in this goal.

We can keep talking about keeping our databases clean and perfect, improving the code, using CDN and other similar indicators.

However, this is not necessary: the ideal option is to employ an expert who can take full advantage of our website’s loading speed. This will increase its competitiveness, commerciality, and profitability. Nevertheless, we must accept the reality that this is simply a tool. The majority of branding strategies rely on marketing.


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