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An individual profile is a vital portion of your CV. It’s a Glimpse of your Career and Assignments you have done ever. If you have finished with any of our offered courses, your status will update in our system automatically but still you can update your Resume manually for our assured job opportunities and Start-ups assistance programs.


Enrollment is the completion of the enlistment handle, and manages the complete rights and benefits of understudy status. Enrollment is fulfilled by the payment(External link) or other fulfillment of educational cost and fees(External link) and by the fulfillment of other commitments to the College. Bottom of Form


Evaluation is the method of gathering and examining data from numerous and differing sources in arrange to create a profound understanding of what understudies know, get it, and can do with their information as a result of their instructive encounters; the method comes full circle when evaluation comes about are utilized to progress.


Course completion certificate implies documentation issued by a preparing program to an person as verification of effective completion of an renovator preparing program (introductory or refresher). All course completion certificates are substantial for a particular period from the course completion date.

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