0 to 100 Tactical Strategies for E-Commerce

The social network is providing many opportunities to sell e-commerce. Many people have enabled stores in them (a clear example of this is Facebook, which allows you to create “mini-stores” for consumers to sell their products without leaving the network). In general, social networks help to sell more physically. But not everyone does the same. Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Clubhouse. There are many and everyone with a strategy.

Facebook and Instagram are the most popular, two great “powers” for an online store. But others get tickled, like Tik Tok. Do you know which strategy can keep you from 0 to 100? We explain this to you below.

Social networks, channels for socialization

Make one Social Media Strategy It is not looking for the Internet. It is manipulating and applying it. Every online store has its own “tricks” strategies that serve it (and others don’t yet). The goal of the strategy is to build a community of people. You need interested customers, either through the products you sell or through the services you offer. If not, they won’t talk beyond liking and forgetting.

For example, imagine you have a toy store. And you ask all your Facebook friends to like your page. But among them, some people do not have children or who do not like toys. Maybe, out of commitment, they will, but don’t expect to share or encourage them to buy because it’s not in their best interest.

Social media should be seen as a club. They should include happy people and send information to you regularly, who want to communicate with other people who have similar tastes and participate in the message you are spreading.

But, to get what we are talking about, you must ask yourself some questions, such as:

  • What kind of content might my community be interested in?
  • What would you like to learn?
  • What kind of content do you entertain yourself with?

The practice of sharing information and publications with others is fine, but we need to be realistic: what we are interested in is that they talk about us and that they share our publications, links, and products. Do Because what you do is a loyal community that seeks a specific issue on which we focus.

For e-commerce, Instagram is the crown jewel.

Social Commerce - The Definitive Guide to Selling More Online with Social

Many years ago, the social network you had to present as an online store was Facebook and Twitter. Both social networks were growing like foam until Facebook overtook Twitter and was no longer an e-commerce favorite.

The increase in followers affected companies because, where there were more people, it gave you more reading opportunities, noticed your company, and decided to buy from you.

Over time, Facebook lost steam, and it did so relatively quickly, but the real reason is that the public switched networks. “Fashion” was no longer Facebook but Instagram, and there were all sorts of e-commerce to try to be the first, most relevant in this sector or type of business. Its purpose? People.

Now, companies are on Instagram. They know that posts should be consistent, intense, and dynamic: daily stories, live IGTV videos, short videos for rails, “normal” posts; however, you get in trouble. And that’s because you can’t put links in posts, outside of profile links, or about changing stories. , It is challenging to bring this client to your website, and it hurts visibility.

Then Tik Tok

TikTok Social Commerce Is On The Way With Shopping Links In Posts

Tik Tok has been a revolution in social networks. If it’s going to be a long time in the future, it’s still a new thing to weigh, and the truth is that it’s so green that we still don’t know how far it can go. While what we do know is that there are a lot of inspiring people who are succeeding with jokes, dancing in Tik Tok.

The brands themselves have established themselves on this social network, especially if your target audience is young. Now, is there e-commerce on Tik Tak? Is there a place for brands in this network that started as musicals and now have many different genres?

The quality and strategic content that some brands are creating on Tiktok is a clear example of adapting to a diverse environment and taking advantage of boom opportunities as Tiktok has been and continues to be. But that doesn’t mean that if you have e-commerce, you can’t try. The important thing is to find this approach to your channel to be very attractive to people who use this type of content. Plus, you’ll be getting rid of clutter you don’t need in just 3 seconds. So quality, inspiring videos that interest many of you can open the door to rise like foam.

Although the benefits of using a fashion social network for a brand are many, such as Instagram, the only static link that allows you to enter this social network is the same profile. Therefore, it is important to find a way to divert traffic to the store. And the best way is to create landing pages that link to the web pages we want to highlight, promotions or ongoing campaigns, and even star products.

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