How to create a buyer personality

Imagine that you have created an online business, a store in which you have put all your illusions and money, and what you want is that they buy a lot from you. But if we ask you who the ideal client is, you have no idea, and you usually answer that no one. It just means you haven’t complimented your client. That is, you don’t know how to make a buy.

The buyer personality is something like a representation that would be your ideal customer. To whom are you focusing your entire marketing strategy to reach it? But what is the buyer’s personal? How do you create a buyer’s personality? And do they work to develop sales strategies? We want to talk to you about all of them and more below.

What is buyer personality?

What is buyer personality?

Before we learn how to create a buyer’s personality, it is important to know what we are referring to with this concept and understand it as well as possible. If we translate directly, the buyer persona is a “buyer person.”

This is one of the characteristics that we can consider an ideal client for ourselves. In other words, and according to Hubspot, it will be “a semi-imaginary representation of your ideal customer.”

Because it is necessary? Well, imagine you are going to open an online toy store. Your clients are considered children, but is it so? Even though your products are focused on the smallest in the house, the fact is that your buyer is not a child but the parent of those children, who will become your buyer. Therefore, when formulating a strategy, you can base yourself on the writing of “parents” and not “for children.”

The created model is used to create information about real consumers and find out how they treat the products you sell if they like them. If not, here’s a new product just for you! In fact, the information you will have is demographics, personal situation, shopping behavior, etc.

Why create a buyer’s personality?

Why create a buyer's personality?

Now that you know something else about this concept, you may be wondering why you should make it. And while it’s not clear to you whether it’s really good or not or how to do it, the buyer’s importance is there, and it’s true. Not only does it help you define your strategy, but it also directs all of your efforts toward your target audience, i.e., who might be more interested in your sales.

But, in addition, you will find:

  • Offer relevant content to your customers. It’s not the same thing to go to a younger audience or a younger one than an older one.
  • Describe the steps of your relationship with customers. In this case, you will establish ways to attract, please and retain that customer. And you will only work if you “speak the same language.” We are not referring to speaking the same language, but rather that you understand the client’s needs and offer them the solution they are looking for.
  • You will have the keys to determine which communication channels to use. Each group of people is usually in one place or another. So, knowing which communication channels to use will help you waste time on people who aren’t appropriate or that your target customer is just minimal.
  • Your entire business will be centered on your core user. That doesn’t mean you can’t sell to other customers. But your “grosso” will indeed be like that, and therefore, your whole brand will try to create empathy with the person, the buyer who identifies with that brand (to gain this loyalty). Is the best way.

How to put one together for use with your buyer

Here's how to put one together for use with your buyer

While this may seem impossible, any buyer can create a personality. To do this, you should keep in mind a series of things so that the result is the most appropriate. These are:

Explain the requirements

Specifically, we talk about what you need from your customers. That is, what you need to know about them. Maybe you need to see if they are parents, single or married, their age, etc. While it is true that as much information as possible is better, you should focus only on the most relevant data.

And how to get that data? Now you need to do is create a group of people to research your new product. The second option is to hire companies that handle data collection and get you based on your goals.

The second option is to collect this information from your users. This way, you build a database with potential customers. In addition, you can build loyalty (because once they’ve bought you, they’re interested in someone else).

Profile your buyer’s personality

Now you have the complete information you need to build your buyer’s personality. But this is “raw” information. Now you need to know the main points of this information. In other words, we are talking about the characteristics of this potential customer.

Establish your strengths and weaknesses

Once you’ve defined your buyer’s personality for your business, it’s important to know what rights you have and what sins you commit. You have to establish what the strengths and weaknesses of your business are? , Those are the points at which you need to change things so that customers are satisfied with you.

Establish your buyer’s personality

Now you have to summarize all the information that you have to delete. You can use many templates that help you see what’s important to you, so if you’ve never done this before, you can use them the first few times.

But remember, the buyer’s personality is not “stable” but changeable. There will come a time when you will have to work differently or again to adapt to the changes that are taking place. It may even be that you have established a buyer personality and a new and powerful group has emerged in your business, so you will have to rethink your strategy to make it more Get more benefits than


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