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When we were graduating in Commerce in the ’90s, our curriculum included Business Management, Industries in Pakistan, Introduction to Business, Business Communication, Economics, etc. Since the computer was new in those days, the primary operating system and computer Learning languages began to think of himself as Tarim Khan. Still, this era has changed so fast that it seems that we have traveled in the time machine and reached the present era.
Today we fill in telephone, mobile, electricity, gas bills from home internet or our respective bank app, no queue, no waiting or time constraint. Whether it’s online education or shopping, air ticketing or business dealing, business or car booking, everything. E-commerce is on the rise.

Despite all this, our commerce students are also reading Ghalib’s poems, sayings of Study Pakistan, etc., with accounting and statistics. It is my personal experience that it would be better for Commerce students to pursue a purely business education to set their minds and abilities in one direction. I can confidently say that the most intelligent students in the world of Commerce, Even in his career, Mirtaqi Mir’s poems and their interpretation are not going to work.
The current era is that of information technology, and its effects are looking at business in different ways as the Internet has completely reshaped the relationship with consumers. The Internet is rapidly evolving, becoming known by various names such as e-mail to e-mail and now business to e-commerce or internet business. The Internet is defined as the application of information and communication technology (ICT) to support all business activities.

Creating an exchange of products and services between Commerce, business, groups, and individuals and can be seen as one of the essentials of any business that makes companies’ own internal and external data processing systems more efficient and effective. To work more closely with partners and suppliers and meet the expectations of their customers, it is important to follow electronic business practices.

The majority of web services are available to any business or consumer to use the Internet. But many e-business applications are necessary to limit access to information about a sensitive company and its path to qualified individuals or partners. If information is limited to the internal employees of an organization, we call it intranet. If it is accessible to specific users who are also part of the organization, we call special sections extranets.
Whenever you log in to an internet service for an e-retailer or online news site, it effectively manages an extranet. The term is often used as a B2B (Business to Business) application.

If we study Commerce and business in English, there is not much difference between them, and in fact, they are exchanging to a large extent to find profitable activity in it. There is a difference between e-commerce and electronic business, artificial but different meanings in different terms.

The first wave of e-commerce thinking was a reaction to Amazon and Dell’s success in selling products on the Internet to improve e-commerce activities by incorporating money transactions into the e-business.
Most people think that to sell things online, we need a credit card on the website, but we should have a website where there is an accurate catalog of things and good logistics. This will force people to visit the website every time and become a necessity in their practical life.

But to be successful in online sales, you need to know the basics of website development. The term e-business was deliberately coined to make people understand the importance of e-commerce, which was seen as an outstanding achievement in society but was limited. E-business needs us.

The fact that e-commerce is still ahead of e-commerce can be seen because buying and selling on the Internet, or the enterprise and their cultures offer a profound process. When you use e-commerce, extranet, intranet technology, collaborative applications, and web for the most important business systems, collectively, directly to customers, employees, vendors, and business partners. Creates a healthy business environment. In practice, business is more than just e-commerce.

Awareness of e-business is not so common in Pakistan due to the uniformity of educational standards. For this, computer and science education should be common in primary schools, i.e., and even curriculum should be changed.
Today’s children are more adept at using mobile phones than adults, but they do not realize the importance of this technology. That is why this technology is being misused in our society, and the youth of our country could not advance in the world of research and creativity. In this regard, it is necessary to work on a war footing at a high level; otherwise, our stories Will be in the stories!

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