How does electronic sales work?

Online product shopping, which increases suspicion and curiosity Electronic transactions Most of us can now shop online using the electronic money card, which allows us to access e-commerce pages Registering If we want to make any purchase, then we will explain how this whole purchase process works and the security measures to be taken in this regard.

Internet Buying Steps

Today, online shopping has become the present and the future. The e-commerce boom is a reality, so it’s important to know how electronic sales work for both seller and customer.

But what is the process of online shopping? We explain it to you:

  • The user comes to e-commerce because he is searching for a particular item. To do this, either go to the shop page or use the online store’s search engine to find it.
  • You may find the same product in other stores and estimate where it pays you the most. It will depend on shipping costs, product price, availability, payment, and shipping methods, and shipping time.
  • After deciding to buy it, you will see how to pay, but first, you will make sure that it is an online store that gives you confidence, that is, you do not think it is a “scandal,” “Fraud,” or you are about to lose your money. Since this is one of the most important stages of electronic sales, if someone who will purchase it decides that you are not trusted or do not give them proper protection, they will fail to move forward. (In fact, there is a high % of users who set up online carts but do not go beyond the payment method, either they do not trust, because the final price is more expensive than other sites or Because they are sorry for that).
  • If they go ahead, the transaction goes online (usually with a bank debit/credit card, but other payment methods are also used, such as PayPal, Gpay, cash on delivery ), and the sale is completed. Is. Of course, it will not close until the customer has received the order and will spend a few days deciding whether to return it or not.

What is behind the transaction?

At first, glance, what happens is that when we enter the e-shopping website, we choose the product we want to buy, we interact with the shopping cart, and finally, we have the option to buy. Select, and then enter your data and our card.

In more complex terms; The user enters the purchase server and establishes a secure Internet SSL connection. After that, the information is taken to the payment gateway. All this goes through the payment process, the card used for the purchase is attached, and the bank arrives, which analyzes the information taking into account various variables to decide whether the transaction is legitimate or not.

For transactions, validation studies are made only based on a smart algorithm that consumer behavior, e.g., places where you buy the most, country of residence, etc.

All purchases made electronically go through different ways, depending on the server you are running on and how you make your purchase. If you are shopping for the Ist time, remember that there are other important issues to keep in mind before making your first online purchase, such as your card security.

How to find out if e-sales are safe

When shopping online, unless you have enough experience, the first step costs, the reason why electronic sales have been low for a while now, and people have carefully considered what they had to buy to take this step.

And the fact that you keep your data, give your card number, or anything that connects to the place where you live or to your bank scares you, especially if the online store is in your trust. I do not have.

Therefore, when selling electronics, it is important to consider many aspects that will make consumers feel safe. What stuff

  • Try to expose your data. Imagine going to a web page where they found the product very cheap. However, you do not know where they will send them if they are in Spain if there is a person or company behind them. There is no way to contact them (no email, no phone). Wouldn’t you trust your data to be cheap? Well, that’s what you should think to be transparent to your customers.
  • Enable different forms of payment. Many people are reluctant to buy online with a bank card. However, receiving cash on delivery, on delivery, or via PayPal is more acceptable. If you offer multiple forms of payment and are not limited to just one, it will give them more confidence that electronic sales are secure. And don’t think that the payment method is too expensive and they won’t accept it. Sometimes, they use an expensive way to make sure, and then they can go easily and comfortably.
  • Establish security in your online store. This is important because, by law, you need to make sure your e-commerce payments are secure and secure. How will you get it? It depends on the system in which you have created the store in your bank, etc. It is best to let them know what rules and regulations you have to follow and how to do them, especially to avoid penalties that may fall on you.
  • Keep the customer updated on all the steps that have been taken. Orders are usually received within 24-48 hours, but it is important to indicate which state it is passing through.

Can an Internet transaction be canceled?

Imagine that you just bought something and five minutes or earlier, you already regretted that purchase. Canceling it will depend on the store where you made it, but usually, it’s not as easy as going to a physical store and returning what you have purchased.

And there are online stores where it’s easy to cancel everything, like Amazon, whereby saying you bought it by mistake, in a matter of 2-3 steps, you’ve solved it. But what about the rest of e-commerce?

Our recommendation is as follows.

  • Contact your bank. If you are likely to sign in via the Internet, do so and cancel the transaction you have made. If you can’t, call your bank and ask them to help you cancel it.
  • Write to the store Online stores can be chat, social network, telephone or email. You can contact them and explain the problem so they can cancel your order. This is to return the money to your bank.
  • In some stores, you may even cancel the order yourself, especially at the beginning, when it is still in preparation and has not been shipped. But the longer you go, the harder it will be for them to cancel.

You must do this in a short time, as it is more difficult to cancel if an order is sent, mainly because some of this money has already been used for shipment. You have to make a refund, and they will send you less than the payment (except in big companies like Fnac, Amazon ).

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