What are the leads in marketing and how to prepare them

If you are very interested in DM(digital marketing), and considering that it is becoming a trend and more and more people are turning their business in this direction, you should know that it’s the end. What is the reason and why are they so important now. 

And phrases like “create leads” or “convert leads to users”  are often heard (and read), but

What’s really the point?

What are they for? 

How to work with them? 

We want to talk to you about all of them and more below.

What is lead?

This weird term that can upset a lot of people is very easy to understand. And that is, if we analyze what it means,  we realize that lead is actually a person—one user but not just one.

Imagine that you are entering an online store because you are searching for a product. You still do not know if you are going to purchase it if you are interested. Well, all that makes you lead, or the one who is a potential customer. And, the mere fact of entering the online store makes you already in the early stages of the shopping cycle.

Therefore,  lead can be defined as a consumer who is considered a potential consumer or an individual who can complete the entire process of purchasing a particular product  (or service).

This process is in line with the sales funnels we’ve already told you about on another occasion, and these are the ones we attract, either through ads, word of mouth, or other advertising channels so that they Reach the line store.

So, the phrases we’ve mentioned before have to be heard (and read) by many potential customers, or just consumers, not just in online stores, but on any internet site. For example, what a newspaper will ask many readers. The same blog, a game page, in which many gamers are playing.

Why are leads important?

Although we answer every question before that, the truth is that today, guidance is more important. Keep in mind that we are rapidly saturated with information, stores. The ease of designing, creating web pages and the rise of electronic commerce have led more business people to use the Internet to stop their business. What is the direction of the network? And that means you have to reach potential customers or leads.

According to experts, the Internet is about to change our shopping habits, and it is already doing so. More and more people are buying online because they prefer to save money and take it home (even if it’s more expensive, the fact of receiving it at home is a plus). Therefore, leads, or potential users, will be the ones that determine the success or failure of a web page. Because, if you don’t have an audience, what kind of offer are you going to make that no one is interested in?

Types of lead.

Some marketing experts decide that there are three types to consider. They can be moved from one level to another, but almost all people who visit a web page can be cataloged. They are:

Leads to cold

They are consumers who arrive but have no concessions to buy. In other words, they are just curious about what they are seeing. This is what happens when you visit a store to “look.” If you decide to go it cheap and risk the low bandwidth, you are only fooling yourself. But if you leave nothing or just information, you will still have a cold.

They are consumers who are suffering from cold and heat. And that’s what they know they need or want but haven’t yet taken the final step to purchase and are still evaluating whether it’s really what they want or something better.

Hot leads

These are consumers who are willing to buy, who have done their research, and know what they want to buy so that they will do it or, if they can’t do it themselves,  they will buy you. I will seek you out to help you complete the process.

How to generate leads

Can you produce lead? Is it possible to create them? Yes and no

To create a lead, first of all,  know who you are talking to.  In other words, we’re talking about who the product or service you offer is for. Because, in this way, you can set up a marketing strategy to reach those people and then, yes, build leads.

They are created because people have a problem, or they need something, and through your strategy (especially advertising), they find a solution that “takes away their sleep.” I come to your page. If you offer it and approve of it, those leads (because by the time they land on your website, they will become real users). In addition, they will share you with important information, among others, such as their name, age, gender, and email, so that you can reach them later.

And how will you get it? We give you the keys:

Advertising and promotion strategies

To reach leads, you must first find your online store, e-commerce, website, and for that, you can choose online and offline promotion strategies, for example, mouth. , Events, SEM advertising, SEO …

All of this will help you reach potential users who, if they enter your page, begin the process of converting to leads. Of course, not everyone who enters doesn’t change from potential customers to customers, so keep that in mind.

Attractive content

And how do you get them to change? Fall in love with your offer. To create a response, focus on both the design and the text, if possible, in them. Therefore, you should take good care of what they give you so that they can continue the conversion process.

A personal service

It is becoming more and more important. And is it true that Internet businesses are booming and increasingly competitive? But if you can give them something extra that others have not offered, they will refer you to others.

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