How to send a package

If you have e-commerce, it is very common for you to prepare packages to send to your customers with your products. But do you know how to send the package? Something so simple, it could be the person’s first impression and even buy it again, or go to someone else in the competition.

Since we do not want this to happen to you, today we are going to talk to you about how to send a package, not only about the shipping options available to you but also about How to make it and how to get the customer to love the product without having to open it. Are you ready

Love the client from the outside

Getting a package can be a daunting task for many consumers. The reality of waiting for what they have bought excites many, and they do so because they are happily waiting for what they have asked for. But if you love the packaging, too, then they will be your first option when it comes to repurchasing.

And it doesn’t cost as much to pamper customers as you think.The little things that can make the package more attractive. For example:

  • Use boxes with your company logo and, if possible, make it less visible. You can design your boxes with your logo or your brand, but it goes with the final design. That way, you won’t send the usual gray boxes (which end up in the trash).
  • Find hard boxes. Yes, they are more expensive, and the investment is going to be higher. But if you combine it with the above, you force them to reuse these boxes. Not even will you protect the environment, but you will indirectly introduce yourself to homes and voice your brand, all members, family, friends. What will you get out of it? Get more shopping opportunities from you.
  • Try closing the package with something sharp. A bow, a ribbon that catches the eye. Anything that helps with your package theory will be better received. And if we keep in mind that there’s now a photo of everything that actually exists, which draws attention to it, you’ll know that users publish your boxes (and that later I’ll take what they bought)

Details are important when delivering a package.

Now go inside. Many do this by carrying a box, keeping the product inside and out. Hopefully, they put some paper or something that will keep the product from moving during your transportation, or they carry boxes where they fit. And that’s it.

But when consumers buy, they like to get surprises like everyone else. So why not invest some in these details? Free samples, a bag of sweets, or anything related to the product they bought. Believe it or not, these little details are taken into account because when they have to buy again, they will look for the store that sends them more than they buy.

In addition, this way, you can advertise yourself, for example, with products with your own brand. The majority use it and, you want it, it’s not a free ad they do to you.

We recommend that you try to improve the interior, for example, wrapping the product in a gift wrap, adding some “small details,” or even playing with the customer (box on box, box).

And now, how do you send the package?

We come to the part where we talk about the middle ground. This information is useful for both those who have e-commerce and those who do not have it and those who need to send it to another person (or company).

The fact is that you have many options to choose from (not the most popular) as you can not only send packages through the post office, but you can also choose private messaging. In fact, in e-commerce, they send them this way because it ensures that the order can reach the customer within 24 to 72 hours.

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