How to create an e-commerce Store

Creating e-commerce is not an easy task, but it is not a task that we are afraid of from now on. Even starting an online company with these features and with the possibility of great professional success will, above all, require a good team to develop the project with maximum guarantees that the desired goal Be completed.

But it is this aspect of financing that can be the biggest hurdle for our proper development. In particular, due to the lack of investment at its onset, the greatest difficulties occur. Given the need to purchase computer equipment, provide technical support and the services of highly qualified personnel to perform your most relevant tasks.

On the other hand, you must not forget that to meet the challenge of these dimensions, i.e., to launch an e-commerce platform, the first thing you have to do is to develop a rigorous and realistic work plan. As you already know, in any professional project, it will be vital to start an online store or create commerce from scratch. Without haste and fulfilling the first requirements, you have to pay through bank line credit.

Create e-commerce: participate in legal aspects.

There is no doubt that the legal grounds will be vital in your business in the beginning. You do not have any other problem from this very moment, to do this, you need to be updated on the current rules and regulations on this aspect not to worry anymore. You will have no choice but to inform about jurisprudence at this time. For example, the one we point out below:

  • Act of April 7, 1998,/13 on the terms of the general agreement.
  • Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, November 16, approving the revised text of the General Law to protect consumers and consumers.
  • Law 3/2014, March 27, which amends the amended text of the General Law to protect consumers and consumers.

In all cases, it will serve as the study element for starting or developing an online store or business. From there, they will provide you with guidelines for becoming an entrepreneur in this productive sector.

In this regard, you should remember that there is nothing wrong with creating e-commerce and complying with existing rules and regulations because there are more worries than just one thing that can get you started right now. You have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Of course, you should know that many rules govern the legal aspects of an online store or e-commerce. Both put it into practice and even managed it.

Name your digital company.

In the first place, please don’t doubt that when deciding on a name for our new e-commerce, we will find two very different cases. On the one hand, find a unique name that can influence customers or consumers, and on the other hand, which is related to the activity of your business from any point of view in its management.

While it is also essential that you keep this aspect in mind from the moment associated with your application, since, in effect, we will see that many names are already in use and, therefore, we must be very creative. More than you can imagine. Because it’s not about giving them a name at the end of the day because your intentions in online business can have an undesirable effect.

From this particular point of view, there is no doubt that choosing a name for our online store will be another complex task. As long as you think it may take longer. It’s better to wait a long time and do better than to name your line of business online. This is an element that you should reflect on so that from that moment onwards, everything will progress perfectly. Even when we talk about this aspect, we usually refer to very effective branding campaigns.

There is another type that offers the reality of going to a technical platform to develop your activities in an online company. From this point of view, there are so many options available in the market for creating e-commerce; however, we should keep in mind the size of our online store.

Online Business Creation: Government Grants

Metrad has become the first city in Spain to create a company via the Internet once the City Council program is implemented. “Working Online,” an initiative of the Ministry of Industry, will soon be extended to Spanish cities. With the implementation of this bureaucratic tool, all the necessary procedures can be brought together to transform a business idea into one instead of going from window to window.

With this new means, you can directly streamline these procedures online from home and fast for 28 days – a period that costs to build a company in Spain when the town hall, independent community, registries, notaries, Or you have to go through other offices, including the tax authority because this route has been significantly reduced. 

Caution with credit lines

Before concluding a contract with any of these lenders, it is important to carefully analyze the contract to verify which commissions are involved and to what extent they are set, as they use this financing. Can increase the final price excessively. In the traditional opening process, others are usually added, which are obtained from any movement or revision since the agreement of this product. They are the following.

  • The ones installed in most of their contracts are openings, representing between 2% and 3% of the amount demanded.
  • Such products may appear to be very rare among the general public and are related to debt expansion and reduction, which vary between 2% and 3%.
  • In early or partial early repayment, the borrower will repay the early payment to the lender in approximately 00 1,00 of the amount already repaid.
  • Another penalty that can be added is that it is derived from cases in which the terms of the agreement have to be different or amended.

How are these credits?

This type of credit that some banking institutions commercialize allows their recipients to make medium- and long-term financing of their business investments, with the possibility of attracting the attention of their potential customers. Variable interest rates can be agreed upon and accessed. Credit lines that can reach 50,000, XNUMX euros, and the average age are between 5 and 15 years.

These lines of credit can be used for many company activities or professional activities of its applicants, from real estate acquisition, payment of machinery, furniture, computer equipment, etc., to the particular needs of each business. Is.

Also, self-employed and professionals may have other financing channels according to their needs, such as fulfilling their financial obligations. More specific financing channels have been developed but less on their current offer, with implementation.

Tax credit

Although many of these financial products are designed to provide liquid liquidity for the proper functioning of their respective businesses or professional activities, the other needs demanded by these groups cannot be forgotten. ۔ Of course, freelancers and professionals may have financing channels to fulfill their financial obligations, for which more specific sources of financial support have been developed. This is a case of a “tax payment loan,” which some credit institutions have started in recent months. In this case, it is a professional credit for paying your taxes. Its main recommendations are based on the fact that there is no interest in it, and this estimate can be returned within three months.

It has a monthly or maturity distinction and includes an opening commission higher than other financing models, especially the 5%, which was included in contracting this economical product. It usually includes an additional item that is derived from any movement or revision of the product agreement.

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