High consumer demand in e-commerce

E-commerce has recorded an increase of 12.5% ​​over the previous year due to the movement restrictions proposed by the executive in recent days. Coronavirus crisis. “This exercise prevents the movement of people, and therefore slows down the chances of contagion,” said Francisco Arnda, president of the UNO logistics employer, adding that “as a business association, we request In any case, it does not matter in the case of movement of goods. Is limited. “

The United Nations has published recommendations for the magazine and the transport sector in collaboration with a special guide, the Cummins Obers (CCOO), and the UGT. This is a document that has recommendations on how to prevent coronavirus or how to treat infected people. The UNO highlights that the purpose of this article is to “provide calm, transparency, harmonize actions and create harmony for companies and workers.”

Some sectors are more in demand by consumers than others. In an order that could be very much like the days go by from now on. In this sense, it should be acknowledged that one of the problems that arise after this increase in consumer demand is that it may eventually lead to a significant decrease and, consequently, an unnecessary social alarm.

The consumer demand for e-commerce encourages consumers to develop a range of products, services, or articles that have not changed their commercialization through traditional channels these days. Can go. Within this general context, it is essential to reflect the benefits these companies generate to the general public.

The most appropriate is access to products that cannot be purchased as stores or physical stores closed due to our exceptional regulations that are in force in our country. For example, in buying a mobile phone, new technology-related materials, clothing, or entertainment and training services, some of which are highly relevant. And there are multiple benefits to channeling such sales in such an online format. Like the ones we’re going to expose from now on:

  • Being able to rent it quickly from your home and its formalities through a straightforward process.
  • It often generates more competitive prices than traditional or traditional channels, which can help consumers or consumers save more money from its launch.
  • For its channeling, it only needs to have a personal computer or any technical equipment so that you can order a product, service, or item from now on.
  • They are also managed through various means of payment, such as credit or debit cards, electronic payments, or virtual currencies such as bitcoins.

And lastly, don’t forget that these online purchases must have all the security guarantees to protect the work or movement of consumers or consumers.

E-commerce capabilities in times of crisis

It could be a sector that can re-evaluate in times of serious economic crisis. At the point that they can create a value series that is very easy for you to keep track of. For example, through the following steps, we are going to describe you below:

Although the demand has multiplied, it is unclear whether the companies that receive these orders will meet them. This is because the largest supplier of raw materials and products in China is the most affected and about to launch the coronavirus in the country.

It is an eCommerce that can emerge victorious due to more free time of the users. In this way, it should be appreciated that the increase in free time in the population that is forced to stay at home increases online services and video game downloads. This is one reason why they are using it to capture their time of loneliness and take some time off. Thus, stores or online businesses that offer these products can benefit from this scenario, as is currently happening with the spread of the coronavirus.

At the same time, very special and complex in the same scenario, there is no doubt that at the moment it can be said that many cities are in complete isolation and there are restrictions on movement, increasing online delivery from home Is creating alternatives to entertainment and training compared to other periods of history.

Online price comparison

In this regard, the statistics show that nine out of ten consumers compare prices online before buying a product. This discovery is an important insurance survey conducted by comparing the disclosed during the day the user is an appointment for March 15. The company clarified some questions about aspynyyrz consumption habits.

Specifically, 93% of subjects said in an interview that they check prices online when they plan to buy new products. Also, about two-thirds of those who do, finalize online shopping. The goal is simple: gain awareness and reduce costs. And the comparison allows us to save up to 50% on some services. This is the case with, for example, car insurance, but not the only one.

The convenience of shopping online formatting the beginning of this personal decision by consumers or clients is convenient. It is a process that caters to the desire of a good number of people to interact with the consumer sector. It can even be interpreted as a trend growing in recent years and will not return in the years to come. As recent sector reports have shown, there are bizarre indications of how this trend will develop from now on, especially in the coming two or three years.

Low economic growth

Within the current electronic commerce scenario, it is important to keep in mind how the coronavirus can affect global economic activity. Because in reality, and for the time being, the scenario managed by various economic and financial agents is that the spread of the virus will reduce China’s GDP growth rate by 0.3..5.6% this year. Which is .0,15..2,6% and less than 2,5% worldwide. XNUMX. However, if the coronavirus is not present in the coming days, the situation may become more serious. In this sense,

But on the contrary, e-commerce, represented by stores or online commerce, can emerge with special force in the present collective moment. Because many cities have complete isolation and movement restrictions, this accelerates online delivery from home, for example, with products or services closely linked to entertainment and training. So much so that they can see that the sales of these customers have improved in these critical months.

One cannot forget the trends that will mark the future of e-commerce in the years to come. It has become a little less than inevitable. Progressively laying your foundations and this business class, despite the gaps currently being created and fully understood by experts.

It is important to note that although demand has multiplied, it is uncertain whether the companies that receive these orders will meet them. This is because the largest supplier of raw materials and products in China is the most affected and about to launch the coronavirus in the country. From this point of view, this is not a threat to the global economy until this March. It offers more diversity in its business lines than other traditional or non-traditional sectors. Even in most cases, it can be a real business opportunity. As reflected in the latest sector reports in recent months.

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