5 Modern E-Commerce Apps You Should Try

Next, we want to share a list of 5 modern eCommerce applications that they can use to purchase products or contract services. Many of these applications serve as markets or help consumers discover new products.

You can also find modern eCommerce applications that explain how to purchase goods and services.


This application gives you access to the Instagram Photo Feed of all the products you can buy. Includes top designer and luxury brands and lets you browse a collection of influential publishers.

Keeping in mind that Instagram is a social network that more and more people use, and it is displacing others, it is common for us to promote it compared to e-commerce. I Will think about it. Of course, not all themes succeed online, so you have to decide which one is the best.

2-Product Hunt

Artificial hunt

It is an e-commerce application that allows you to discover and share trading products, especially those in the technology sector. Users can even vote for product brands, search, and even follow up with product followers.

Despite the above, you should keep in mind that this application is primarily focused on technology. You will find here are geeks, gadgets, and other related products, but not with any product. However, you’re going to find games, books, apps, podcasts, and more, which are similar to this theme.

It works very easily, once you install it you have to find the products of your choice, with the possibility of getting them or sharing them with other friends. In addition, you can compile a list of friends and, with them, be able to see what they do, the products they save or like, and more. That way, if you need to give them a gift, you’ll always be able to, because you’ll be able to see what their tastes are so that they don’t fail at any time.

It’s not popular, but the fact is that if your e-commerce is related to technology, it can be a good place to invest because you are going to find an audience that is interested in it, so Presenting your product can increase your chances of being sold. Of course, you have to take care of the detail of both the product and the images, especially since the latter will be the most prominent (unless they click on the image, they will not be able to read the text you put on each one so that they can go to buy it).



This e-commerce application is described as “a shopping mall on the phone,” thus providing the user with a feed of connected products, all of which are posted by the user. You can follow your favorite eCommerce store and people in one place and find information about products customized for the consumer.

Vanillo is based on a request to save someone so that when you want to give them a gift, you need to see what they want to guess. In other words, it’s a way to communicate with people by giving them examples of related products.

In addition, they do not have to leave the application to purchase, and they can do so by credit card.

Aesthetically, Vanillo will remind you of a lot of Pentecost, as the app has beautiful images, but being able to shop without it helps make shopping more likely. Therefore, being an e-commerce lender can open up another way to make money from online stores, especially if you sell well. The safest thing is to try to repeat that experience later. Will do

Of course, you have to keep in mind that the application’s audience is young people, especially women, between the ages of 15 and 30. This does not mean that there are no older people, but it will have less content and a limited market with which they cannot identify.

You also have a downside, and that is that it has more than half a million stores that offer its products. This means that the competition is fierce, especially if you compete with stores around the world. So, high-quality photos here that connect with people are your best business card.



The eCommerce app is for buying and selling gift cards. Therefore, users who install it on their phones can find discounted gift cards from Target, Home Depot, and Macy’s.

It works very easily because you can connect with over 1000 different brands, some of them famous. And what do you have to do? The first thing that needs to do is to explore the large selection of discounts listed in the application. This discount is offered to anyone using the gift card.

In addition, you will find not only clothing cards but also shops, restaurants, beauty salons, cosmetic brands, and much more. Once you catch them, you can easily use them in stores and as many as you want.

Best of all, they are applicable in many places, which allows you to make the most of them (and at the same time, you reach more users).

Of course, this is at the level of use. But if you want them to add your e-commerce, you need to contact them to find out what the conditions are for you so that your online store can benefit.

This is a global application, which means that if you are lucky enough to be admitted, you will go all over the world, and many people will want to buy from you. ۔ Why do we tell you this? Well, because it would be easier for your online store to appear in languages ​​other than Spanish, such as English, and that you update shipping costs outside of Spain (if you don’t have one). So make it all clear before you get the wrong opinion.

  1. Hunt

The Hunt: fashion app is launched in the UK – The Upcoming

It is an eCommerce application where users can upload a picture of a user’s product. The buyer community then helps you find and buy this product at a lower price. Users can then look at product trends or use their skills to recommend products to others.

If before we mentioned an application focused on technology geeks, this time we are going to tell you about Hunt, an application that focuses on the world of fashion.

And, as we’ve already told you, it’s based on the “search and capture” of fashion items, whether it’s clothing or accessories. To do this, it has a huge list of products and internet sites that are considered great references to fashion so that they can list the products you are looking for like this or that. Similar to

The app is developed for both iOS and Android and is community-based so that when you upload an image because you like it, the whole community lets you find this item of clothing or accessories. I help. In addition, there are relationships for questions and answers about fashion, style of dress, matching help, etc.

This has led to an increase in it as it helps people who have a common hobby to access communication and photo consulting services, clothing counseling, personal shopping, etc. Is. Easily

It is based on the same style as other applications, similar to Pinterest, where they show you multiple images and even the possibility of purchasing them.

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