10 Benefits of Artificial Intelligence E-Commerce – Trending – 2021

A Commerce Asia platform for your business means competing with giant online retailers in the market. When you don’t have the resources, you can use the same company to make your company look more efficient and effective in many sports. And the way to do this is by providing artificial intelligence or EA through the cloud.

The great thing about AI is that many businesses operate and become an integral part of how consumers interact with digital touchpoints. And according to HubSpot, 63% of customers don’t even know they’re using AI technology. This means for your eCommerce site to deploy AI, and it will initiate business improvement and provide better engagement and services to the user.

Virtual personal assistant

Getting started with a Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA) may not be obvious, but it is invaluable for anyone with a business. Running a business, using all customers, and using a VPA employs someone who does not live with your company, and you are updated. The power of this technology is significant. 31% of business executives told Prikitro House Cooper (PWC), this effect is more important than all EE robust solutions. The free time you get can reflect on yourself, come up with new ideas, and much more.

Predictive marketing

If you think your customers will buy it the next day and more likely to buy it, Predictive Marketing uses machine learning, which is part of AI.

With predictive marketing, tell your eCommerce site how your customers want to see it, view it, and tell price points for the pru sell., andlculations are based on the data you provide, so your aggregate data is better predicted through your website, social media, email, and other communication channels with your customers.


Using AA, you can personally introduce marketing guests as well as how you interact with your customers. Personally, intelligent automation services can respond based on customer needs, history, and specific tasks.

You’ll be able to create product recommendations, send targeted emails, set pricing, deliver personalized ads, and create or recommend content for them.

Customer service

Junior Research says chat bits will save $ 8 billion a year by 2022. This will keep your eCommerce business even using chat bits to communicate with its customers. Chat bits will save you all the associated costs of call center services in-house customer representatives and answer the phone ten minutes or even a hundred times. Business Under reports that 67% of users worldwide used chat bits last year to help customers, so this is a proven technology that can be deployed appropriately to take advantage of you.

Optimized search

AA integration into your search capability for your eCommerce site is to remember how to find your store along with your user’s preferences and needs. Technology can also follow and understand what your customers want to do to make each era unique by recognizing the individual characteristics of consumers and with intelligent searches.

Social seriousness

Tracking conversations in social media networks for keywords, phrases or brands defines what is meant by social listening. This is not surveillance. With active social listening to EA, you can gain valuable insights that are more powerful than general notifications. You can then use the data to find new opportunities, improve your customer experience and make more informed strategic product decisions.

Fraud detection and prevention

The October 2017 Global Fraud Index showed the value of potential fraud at 57 57.8 billion, and the acquisition of accounts in Q2 2017 increased by 45%.

Machine learning can help your site avoid the risk of detecting exact patterns and variations in real-time decisions that could easily evade human notice. And because it’s a constant learning curve, the technology constantly analyzes transactions to make sure the right person is shopping on your site.


As your eCommerce business grows up, so does the number of repetitive tasks. Looks at automation and works them repeatedly and simplifies the flow of front and band and work.

Posting new products on multiple channels for sales scheduling can lead to discounts to loyal customers, identification of high-risk purchases, and more automation.

Location-based intelligence

Using customer data and email, you can get unusual location-based intelligence so you can make site-specific decisions and predictions. Technology-promoting ads can be further used with predictive analysis of personalized space-based offers and even drive brick and mortar stores to consumers.

Dynamic pricing

The manually changing price of 100 or 1000 products is a time-consuming job.. Dynamic pricing based on numerous data points uses AI to adjust the value of your inventory.

Your inventory, potential, market conditions, and customer behavior and demand can be used to set the price because customers are going to your site.


Artificial intelligence must be an essential tool for e-commerce businesses because, in many ways, it can improve the platform as a whole and the individual parts within them. Whether you do marketing, customer service, or whatever you do, check with your cloud to discuss how to deliver this technology effectively.

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