8 Ways to Increase eBay Sales Using the Best Offer

Ab is the best offer that can increase sales without any additional cost or time investment. Sellers can add the best offer for listing to warn customers that they will accept offers below the asking price. The best offer is an effective way to start a conversation with buyers and make the first step in negotiating with the seller. Many sellers, including the best offers on all fixed price listings to allow buyers to get started, can result in sales.

Some sellers don’t like the best offers because they feel insulted by the low bids. Let’s face it. People have to go out of their way to get a deal and offer less if allowed. The seller should take the emotion from the offers – that’s the business. Buyers don’t know if your grandma’s stuff is sold or cared for and not specifically for you, nor do they see what you paid for or What benefits can you get? This is business. This is one thing for sale on the internet. Sometimes the best offer is more like the worst offer. Don’t be angry, accept, counter, or reduce and move.

Sellers make an excellent offer when they have three options. Accept offers, reductions, or counters. There are three possibilities for the buyer to offer on one item. Buyers have 48 hours to accept or reduce the seller’s counteroffer, and sellers have 48 hours to accept or reduce buyers’ offers or counteroffers. If the seller does not accept a buyer’s offer or disagrees with a seller’s counteroffer, the buyer must wait 30 days to retry.

Keep in mind that in many cultures, commercial or crowdfunding is common. According to the BBC:

“Art and partial science, Hajong is more than a means to save money. It is a strong cultural tradition in so many countries that children need to learn from an early age. Participating in this tradition, Buyers are likely to call everyone who looks appropriate if there are only a few.

Remember that negotiation is a way for both sides to do what they want. The best offer is a way to express a price that can lead to a sale, the buyer can get what he wants, and the seller is selling. When the offer is received, open the communication open and keep an open mind. There are a few ways to handle the best executives delicately to increase sales prospects.

Auto reduction

This is a feature that pushes sellers to use a specific number. Down offers are allowed to be reduced. While this may seem easy, sellers may miss sales if the request is آ one below the auto-drop cut point. For example, if the seller sets an automatic reduction of $ 25, and the buyer is offered $ 24, the offer will be automatically rejected, and the seller will not see the offer. So we think it through. If a seller has not made an offer for six months this month and paid $ 2 for it, $ 24 would be a reasonable and welcome offer. The auto reduction can lead to stable opportunities. Sellers with thousands of items in inventory want to use auto reduction if they can get a large number of offers in a day. Manually responding to a large number of offers is not smart time management every day.

Read all the details about auto reduction and accept yourself on the eBay help page.


Always counter if the buyer’s offer is too low. Some sellers are being checked to see if the seller has set himself the minimum. They offer $ 1 so that the offer can be reduced depending on how it is offered. If the offer is declined immediately, they may continue to make other offers because they know they are not dealing with the person. Small sellers should tolerate the ability to create counter workers and use this feature to their advantage. Many buyers don’t want to deal with automated feedback – they want to communicate with a real person. Automation is good. Too much automation can result in lost sales.

Shipping terms are not included.

The best offer is just for the price of the item. Read the offer carefully to make sure the buyer has not included anything about the shipping terms.

Sometimes a buyer will add terms like free shipping, a certain dollar amount, or a shipping request combined with another item. If the buyer has added shipping terms, respond with a counteroffer and a message that says:

“Thank you for your offer. According to EB’s policy, the best offer is not just for the item’s price, not the shipping terms. Please help EE for more information on submitting the best offer.”

Strange prices

You will see some wonderful prices on the best offer. This is for various reasons. Buyers may want to stick to a certain dollar amount and offer them based on shipping cost. For example, if you offer 20.86 and the shipping is $ 4.14, buyers are trying to keep the purchase up to 25%. When you receive an offer in an odd amount, add it to the shipping cost, and the mystery is usually solved.

Instant payment

Unfortunately, instant payment doesn’t work on a sale through an excellent offer. Just like auctions, the buyer can’t pay immediately because the total amount due to the buyer does not know when the seller has accepted the offer. Once the offer is approved, send the invoice to the buyer as soon as possible. Be sure to check the shipping cost section to correct the information.

When the buyer is not the buyer

Even with auctions, you’ll meet buyers who don’t pay. This is the nature of eBay. Enable your specified ineligible item assistant on days handling failed cases. By automating unattended cases, you can focus on moving your business forward, and you can’t afford to pursue buyers while making money. Accept that some buyers will not pay. This is business. This is not personal.

Don’t be offended by a low offer.

Take the emotion of the transaction. Some buyers will try to get nothing. Other buyers will be offered a few dollars less than the asking price. The buyer knows nothing about you or you, and you don’t know the buyer. If your offer doesn’t work for you, compete or lose. Don’t waste time verifying your price or feeling annoyed by a low offer. There are millions of buyers, will come together.

Pricing and item sold at the best offer

Research items sold at the best offer is a bit tricky. eBay does not display the price of the items sold on the best offer. The price on the listing is displayed with a black horizontal line through it. On both buyer and seller feedback, the asking price is also displayed with a strikethrough line. But there is an aspect. The website, WatchCount, has this valuable information. Just visit WatchCount.com, enter the item from eBay in the Keywords box, and click Enter. The sale price of items and other details is provided to the wicket house to view the end time and count. The actual selling price is useful for the seller in which the historical pricing is to sell the same type of item. The actual sale price is helpful for buyers who want to make an offer and determine what sellers can accept.

EB’s best offer is a free and easy way to engage with customers, sell more items, buy more inventory, increase profits without hiring employees, or invest more time in the business. Find out more about the best deals on eBay.com.

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