Grasp the trend of e-learning and be an e-generation parent

E-generation students need to use information technology to drive learning. E-generation parents also need to conduct e-learning. In the online world, there is a lot of practical and fresh parenting education information. Among them, the one-stop online parent information platform “Parent Children’s Learning,” which seems to have been officially launched, supports parents to build harmony and warmth through a wide range of resources. The family relationship promotes parent-child communication, and professional parenting strategies help children grow and learn and achieve balanced and whole-person development.

One of the resource areas in “Parents and Children’s Learning” is “make good use of technology and information.” Education cities, schools, and many organizations have been working hard to close the knowledge of information technology between the two generations and teach parents how to educate Children to handle online information, use social networks, pay attention to network safety, etc. Still, also, parents need to grasp the development and trend of e-learning.

At present, e-learning mainly plays the role of “assistance,” such as online learning tools, platforms, applications, educational games and software, school intranet, e-books, etc. However, e-learning will gradually become independent Electronic textbooks for learning and teaching purposes soon. Students will use their computers or tablets for class, reading books, quizzes, and handing in homework. Parents may question how effective e-learning is? Will purchasing and updating software and hardware greatly increase the burden on parents? Asking students to do e-learning is testing their parents’ knowledge of science and technology? Will commonly used information technology contribute to children’s Internet addiction? Will it bring adverse effects to children and hinder their healthy development and growth?

For e-learning to be successfully implemented, the role of parents is vital. Therefore, like schools and educational institutions, parents’ doubts must be clarified. Parents also need to take the step to understand the development of e-learning and the direction and strategy of their children’s schools to promote e-learning to cooperate. Because of this, the Education City, the IT Education Leaders Association and the Hong Kong Parents Association will jointly organize a series of [e-generation, parent and child walk] activities to let parents know more about the latest situation and benefits of e-learning in Hong Kong. The first lecture will be held on the evening of May 9th. Scholars will share the effectiveness and mystery of e-learning, the effectiveness of e-learning projects implemented by schools, and e-learning from home. For details, please pay close attention to the “Parents and Children’s Learning” website.

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