How to drive traffic to e-listings using Facebook

Facebook is a great place to hang out, see how your friends are, or catch up on trending news. If you spend too much time there, it can be a huge waste of time. Great use of Facebook for business is to use the site to promote your e-book items.
But you have to be careful. If you promote too often, people may make you unloved or unaffordable or seem overwhelmed or coerced with promoting email listings.

Here are some suggestions on using Facebook intellectually to give Facebook a little boost on the world’s largest social media site.

Use the Facebook widget on email listings.

On each e-book listing, on the right side are social media icons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and email, just above the seller information. After adding an item, you can use these buttons to post items on social media. Only use them carefully—no more hassle than a Facebook friend who is an eBay seller and constantly writes down their listings. Limit how much you post.

Friends don’t like to see constant sales in your batch. The Facebook Widget is best used when you have something unusual, unique, or a great story. For example, I know a seller who had some Christmas ornaments from his dad.

Russian was a piece of Russian glass jewelry. Fascinating and beautiful set of vintage jewelry.

This is something that might be hard to find, logs, or collectives, and your Facebook friends are interested in buying them. (The story about these jewels is an interesting twist.)

Buy Facebook / Sell to groups

Facebook Buy Batch groups are local groups where people can transmit business to each other.

They are a bit safer from Craigslist because the groups themselves are ignored, and if a transmission goes bad or someone is bullied, they report to the organizers to be removed from the group.

Also, most people put their pictures on their Facebook profiles to see what the person will look like before meeting them. (Always have a safe, well-lit, busy public space such as Starbucks, a police station, or a cross-store lobby where there are security cameras.)

It’s great to sell to groups that are huge on the ship.

Items like lamps, car parts, furniture, sporting goods, bicycles – heavy or bulky things. You can do art on eBay but with a local paper and on Facebook to promote it.

Always read the rules before posting the actual eBay listing on a Facebook Buy Sales Group. Many eBay e-listings are not allowed because members have historically taken advantage of the platform and spammed members all the time with eBay listings.

You can only try to sell the item to a Facebook buy/sell group. Just copy and paste all the information to the Facebook group from email and photos. If you list directly on the group, you may be far from selling items for a minimum because there will be no eBay or PayPal fees.

Set up a Facebook business page

In one place on Facebook, you can have complete control over the page’s content if you set up your own business page. You’ll have to work to get followers, but your messages will show up in their feed once you get them. To set up a Facebook business page:

Decide what kind of business you want to display – local business, brand or product, organization, etc.
Enter details about your business – answer a little about what you do.
Create and upload a busy profile picture and header banner.
Choose action for your visitors – what do you want them to do? (Visit your store, such as your page, etc.)
Start promoting your new business page to your friends, email contacts, past customers (you can get these emails from PayPal records.
Find all the details to set up a Facebook Business Page here.

Once you’re going to your page, you can also run ads for your business page. That is, you can really target buyers on Facebook because you can target them according to their preferences. For example, if you sell share living haircuts, you can create ads to target women who have made perfume-related choices. Learn everything about Facebook advertising here.

Facebook can be an effective and successful way to promote your e-book store or listing. Just do it the smart way. If you can call your friends all the time, you will probably end up with fewer friends, and your marketing will have the desired effect.

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