Reverse logistics as a strategic tool for e-commerce success

When one thinks of e-commerce, one often focuses on the cycle that manages to deliver goods to customers. But there is a whole leg of the e-commerce supply chain that comes into play after delivering goods. Enter the world of “reverse logistics.” When we want to confront eCommerce customers, the complete completion ribbon is usually not unlimited.

There are so many reasons why reverse logistics are indispensable.

Here are some of the most common.


Some goods are sent back to the seller. This is especially true in physical retail as well as e-commerce setups.

Trouble or immovable goods

If you are an e-commerce player who sells virtual goods that can be delivered electronically, you may be annoyed by the annoyance of unwanted or immovable goods. But physical goods reaching the desired destination is a common problem that e-commerce merchants have to deal with.

Broken goods

It is not acceptable to order a brand new iPad and accept a received body or a spent screen. But it is bound to happen sometimes. Such harmful goods will be returned by the customer or logistics provider.

Wealthy goods

It is not exclusive to e-commerce; It also occurs in physical retail.

But a customer who physically stores the goods in a retail store finds that he has to travel logically to get the goods back to his store. In e-commerce, the customer prefers to panic from their location or, at worst, to send mail to the malfunctioning product.

Exchange program

“Give us your old and unwanted gizmo and get the latest models” is a slogan that appeals to many. Many customers have refused to upgrade because they are not completely fine, young, ready to crush the product.

Exchange offers are compelling for the clients, but they develop the additional process of collecting goods for the e-commerce business.

Why reverse logistics is important

If you have read the above list , you know that there is no surviving reverse logistics. But I want you to think about reverse logistics as more than just a necessary evil. Here are some reasons why reverse logistics is so important for e-commerce businesses.

As a strategic advantage

Although the e-commerce enterprise is very complex, users are involved in only two clean windows businesses – website and order fulfillment. If neither of these is lacking, the customer will lose the confidence necessary to buy. Reverse logistics is a key factor in order fulfillment. Therefore a strong reverse logistics setup can be a strategic advantage to a business venture.

Customer retention

As much as reverse logistics can serve as a strategic advantage, it can also help retain the customer .

A customer who can exchange or return with a little pain can be satisfied. And the satisfied customer is likely to be a customer for a long time.

Code of conduct

After reversing the results of the logistics in the damaged equipment, it is ruined. And there are principles related to waste, especially e-waste. This proves that reverse logistics is not just about customer happiness; It has to straighten itself out within the legal environment.

Profitable through asset recovery

If your e-commerce business has no sound reverse logistics plans, you may have a yellow opportunity to take advantage of the pile of items coming out of the supply chain. In the era of thin e-commerce margins, effective reverse logistics may be the difference between being profitable or not.

Shareholder value

As an eCommerce business manager, you know that it is your responsibility to provide value to the acquirers. So it would be great if you cashed in on numerous opportunities to reverse logistics.

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